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4 Things To Consider Before Engaging A Dry Cleaning Service

Date Written: 06 Jun 2023


Tired of spending hours trying to remove stubborn stains from your favourite garments, only to be left disappointed with the results? It might be time to consider engaging professional dry cleaning services.


Dry cleaning is an effective way to clean dirty clothes, especially pieces that require tender loving care. For example, silk dresses, formal suits, and denim jeans. Besides sending your dirty laundry to the dry cleaner’s to remove stains, you can make use of this service to clean and maintain your delicate clothes.


However, before you hand over your items to just any dry cleaner, there are a few important things to consider. In this article, we explore the key factors you should keep in mind when choosing a dry cleaning service.


1. Services Provided


When choosing a dry cleaner, it is a good idea to find out more about the range of services they provide and how they align with your specific needs. Not all dry cleaners offer the same services, and it’s only through careful evaluation that you can ensure that your garments receive the best care possible.


Apart from regular dry cleaning services, find out whether they provide additional services such as alterations, repairs, or stain removal. It’ll be more convenient to have all your clothing needs addressed in one place than having to bring the same piece of clothing to a number of shops for different purposes. This saves you time and effort.


2. Quality of Cleaning


Next, the cleaning process that your garments go through will directly impact the condition, longevity, and appearance of your clothes. You should always consider the quality of cleaning and cleaning techniques used when choosing a dry cleaning service.


 4 Things To Consider Before Engaging A Dry Cleaning Service


Quality cleaning methods ensure that your clothes are cleaned effectively while minimising potential damage. Different fabrics and garments require specific care to maintain their integrity, and you’ll need to check that the dry cleaner you’re engaging is able to provide the appropriate cleaning service according to your garment type. For instance, delicate fabrics such as silk, lace, or sequined materials need significantly gentler techniques as compared to materials such as cotton or polyester.


Additionally, due to the increasing demand for green practices, you may wish to consider the environmental impact of the dry cleaner’s processes. Check that they utilise eco-friendly cleaning techniques and solvents to ensure that you’re cleaning your clothes without harming the environment.


Clean Care Dry Cleaning uses top-grade premium detergent that are chlorine free, and an in-wash detergent booster to eliminate all traces of dirt or odour trapped within the clothes.


3. Convenience and Location


The proximity of the dry cleaner to your home or workplace, as well as the services they provide, can greatly impact your experience with them. You’d want to find a dry cleaner near you so that you can conveniently drop off and pick up your garments even during busy periods. Selecting a dry cleaning service close to you saves you time and effort because it eliminates the need for long journeys or detours.


Alternatively, consider dry cleaners that offer laundry collection and delivery services. This option adds a layer of convenience by picking up your garments from your location and returning them to you once they are cleaned, saving you the hassle of making additional trips.


Learn More: 4 Tips for Caring for Your Clothes After Dry Cleaning


4. Reputation and Reviews


The reputation of a dry cleaner can provide insights into their reliability, quality of service, and customer satisfaction. By looking into the reviews, you can find out whether they’ll be able to deliver the results you want.


Look into online platforms and review websites such as Google, Yelp, or social media pages to see the overall ratings and comments left by customers. Multiple positive reviews and high ratings are indicators of a trustworthy dry cleaner.


Regardless of what garments you need to clean, engaging the services of a dry cleaner near you can be convenient, and may even help you achieve cleaner and longer lasting results.


Clean Care Dry Cleaning offers a variety of laundry and dry cleaning services in Singapore. Find out more about our services here

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