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5 Simple Cleaning Combinations to Restore Your Faded Rugs

Date Written: 03 Aug 2021


Keeping your rugs at home in perfect condition is one of the many challenges you might be facing today. Well, you’re not alone since most homeowners nowadays depend on professional carpet cleaning companies in Singapore for their maintenance needs. You may even be one of them that only depends on the experts for your much-needed floor mat cleaning.


Simple tricks for your faded home rug


There’s nothing wrong with trusting experienced cleaners for your needs. They may even have the best solutions that can guarantee your spotless rugs in no time! But why don’t you try creating your own mixtures to restore your pale floor covers any day now? Here are some of those tried and tested carpet cleaning combinations you can try today: 


Salt and Vinegar Solution

Always begin with a simple salt and vinegar mixture that you must combine with sodium borate or borax for its guaranteed efficiency. Achieve a paste-like consistency ideal to get an efficient cleaning solution. You can compare its perfect thickness to a serving of porridge you get from your local food stalls in the market.


Start spreading your paste solution on evident stain marks causing your floor covers to fade. Let it sit for several hours before wiping it off with a clean cloth damped in warm water. Better speak with your rug cleaning service provider in Singapore if you’re unsure whether your floor mats can withstand the said mixture for long or not.


Ammonia and Water Mixture

Another simple DIY solution you can try at home is the combination of ammonia and water. Yes, you read that right! That’s the harsh chemical used in industries producing pesticides, furniture polishers, and home cleaning products. It may even endanger your welfare in an instant if you expose yourself to it for such a long period.


So, better take extra caution in using this solution as your alternative household cleaner. Best to apply it in open spaces at your home to prevent your risky inhalation of it. It is also advisable to try it out first with concealed areas in your mat if you don’t want professional carpet cleaning providers in Singapore correcting the damage you’ve done with your priceless rugs.


Shave Foam and Baking Soda

Surprisingly, shave foam or cream can also restore your home rugs to their pristine conditions in less than no time. You only need to spray and let it sit for several minutes on your carpet stains to ensure its efficiency. Again, it’s best to do a quick test on any hidden spot in your floor cover before spraying it out on your entire matting.


But do you want to guarantee its efficacy as a substitute cleaner for your floor mats? Then sprinkle some baking soda afterwards to get rid of any foul smell caught on your home rugs. You can even apply such tricks on your workplace floor covers while waiting for your booked office carpet cleaning services in Singapore soon.


Airbrush and Dyeing Mixes

Ready-to-use dyeing mixes are also available to bring the glow back to your home carpets immediately. These may come in the forms of liquid or powdered dye options that you can mix with water effortlessly. Either way, always find the perfect shade for your rugs based on your specific requirements and preferences.


It is also necessary that you only use the appropriate machines suitable for your chosen dye solutions. You can either choose between an airbrush, a nozzle spray, or a heavy-duty dyeing mechanism that you can get from any local hardware store. But you can always seek assistance from rug cleaning service experts in Singapore to determine the right one you need.


Experts and their Professional Equipment

More than anything else, stick with your initial plans to work with experienced cleaners and look for legitimate carpet cleaning providers like Clean Care. Trust the expertise of their professional team that only uses state-of-the-art equipment to maintain your floor mats efficiently. They can also assure you that your newly restored rugs at home will also last long! 


Learn more about how our team can professionally help you maintain your carpets and rugs here.

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