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7 Things To Look Out For When Engaging A Professional Carpet Cleaning Service

Date Written: 29 Mar 2022


Deep cleaning your office carpet is a need due to its porous nature which traps dust, germs, bacteria and all the other nasties you do not want to think about. Maintaining a pristine carpet does not just prevent your employees from falling sick, but also improves first impressions when clients visit your office. 


However, choosing the right cleaning company can be tricky with so many options available. To make the process easier, simply keep these factors in mind that have been tried and tested to work, when hiring a professional carpet cleaning company in Singapore


1. Price

Although most people tend to go for the cheapest option when looking for an office carpet cleaning service, it is important to keep in mind that what you pay is what you get. Take note to always compare prices not just by looking at the total price, but by zooming in to what the package comes with and the frequency of cleaning. It is also vital to remember that compromising on cleaning quality at the expense of price is never a good idea, especially in the current pandemic and when the health of several employees are at stake. 


2. Word-of-mouth

While reading online reviews is a helpful way to help ascertain which are the better professional carpet cleaning companies in Singapore, nothing beats word-of-mouth recommendations from trusted friends, family members or even business partners that have engaged a carpet cleaning service before. This way, you get peace of mind that your company will be receiving only the best quality and service. 



3. The type of cleaning chemicals used

Harsh chemicals may cause adverse effects such as contributing to chronic respiratory problems, allergic reactions and headaches – all of which can affect your employees’ health and productivity. Thus, it is key to understand which cleaning chemicals your chosen carpet cleaning company uses, and are preferably something that has been NEA-approved plus child- and pet-friendly so you know they are safe. 


4. The treatments available

Carpets are not just notorious for trapping dust and bacteria, they also stain easily and cause unsightly spots. Apart from that, carpets that have not been cleaned in months or years will also emit a musty smell

Therefore, looking at what kind of treatments the professional carpet cleaning company provides is necessary. Dustmite, stain and odour treatments are some of the more common ones to look out for and can be added on according to your office carpet’s needs.


5. Years of experience

Veteran carpet cleaning companies have amassed years of experience and knowledge to bring you the finest quality and service, and have the resources to hire skilful staff and purchase some of the best equipment – so it is advisable to stick to them. If a company is new though, checking their reviews may help you to make more informed decisions. 



6. The guarantee they provide

Professional carpet cleaning companies in Singapore that provide a solid guarantee such as refunds or redos are the ones to consider. This shows that they are confident in their service and will give you assurance at the same time that the money spent will be worthwhile.


7. A responsive customer service team

Every consumer knows the struggle of not having the right people to talk to when making an appointment or giving feedback. That is why choosing a carpet cleaning company with a responsive customer service team is extremely crucial. If they take forever to reply to an enquiry, then chances are you may encounter further problems with them. 


Use this as a checklist when hiring a professional carpet cleaning company in Singapore and the entire process will be a breeze. You may also want to consider Clean Care, as we provide office carpet deep cleaning that will surely leave you satisfied with our service. Get in touch with us today.

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