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Are You Vacuuming Your Carpet Properly?

Date Written: 27 Mar 2020


As many of us are staying more at home, making sure that it is properly cleaned is crucial as we work to prevent the further spread of COVID-19. Being a professional carpet cleaning services provider in Singapore, we know that getting on top of cleaning goes a long way⁠—so does making sure that you don’t bring home germs with you. 


In this time of a pandemic, one of the few things you’ll want to find out is how to do things properly, including vacuuming. So, get started with this guide on how to vacuum your carpet properly and find out what you could be doing wrong.


Carpet Vacuuming Mistakes You Could Be Guilty Of


The quick, short, back-and-forth motions that you probably do with your vacuum do so little in sucking up all the dirt on your carpets and floors. But, it’s not the only mistake you could be doing:


  • You only vacuum in one direction – Vacuuming in both directions⁠—from north to south and east to west⁠—is a must to remove all the dirt and dust from your carpet
  • You let your vacuum bag fill up to its capacity – As a carpet cleaner in Singapore, we recommend emptying your vacuum bags once they’re half-full. More than that and they may lose efficiency.  
  • You vacuum too quickly – Slow vacuuming allows your machine to work up the carpet and thus, suck up more dirt and dust, giving you a much cleaner carpet
  • You wait too long before vacuuming – Don’t wait for your carpet to look dirty to start vacuuming. Dirt and dust can pile up underneath the fibres before you start noticing it.


Even when you don’t think you’re vacuuming wrong, improper vacuuming would manifest in the following signs:


Signs You’re Vacuuming Your Carpet Wrong


  • Your home is always dusty
  • Your socks get dirty when you walk around the house, particularly on the carpet 
  • Your allergies don’t clear up 
  • High-traffic areas on your carpet look dark and dirty


How to Vacuum Your Carpets Properly


For proper carpet cleaning, you have to vacuum in rows. Vacuum a row of carpet in one direction, wall-to-wall then pull the vacuum back over the same row to pick up the rest of the dirt you might have missed on the first swipe. 


Make sure to vacuum slowly to make the deep-seated dirt come up. You would know if you’re vacuuming against the nap if the fibres of the carpet stick up or look a little ruffled. Afterwards, vacuum another strip next to the first, allowing it to overlap slightly. Do this until the rest of the room has been vacuumed. 


These steps may be extra work, but they make sure that you get every bit of dirt to make your carpet last longer and your home cleaner and safer. 


In addition to these, make sure to engage carpet cleaning services in Singapore at least every 4-12 months to deep clean your carpets and remove any hazards that your household vacuum can’t. 


Clean Care offers professional home and office carpet cleaning services in Singapore to remove harmful bacteria, viruses, even bugs that trigger allergies and cause illnesses in your home. 


Stay home, stay safe and contact us today for professional carpet cleaning. Visit our website to enquire.


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