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Shampooing the carpet

Can I Shampoo and Wash My Own Carpets At Home?

Date Written: 29 Oct 2020


Most homeowners do not seek carpet cleaning services because they think vacuuming is enough. But little do they know, while their carpet may appear clean on the surface, it is filled with microscopic particles. Also, the more that they vacuum the carpet, the older and more worn it gets. When that happens, the only way to restore it to its former glory is to wash the carpet. That way, it’ll be thoroughly cleaned inside and out. But, can you shampoo and wash your carpet at home? Yes, you can, but most people wouldn’t know how to do it.


As a carpet shampoo service provider in Singapore, we can give you some tips on how you can clean your carpet at home.



How to Shampoo and Wash Your Carpet at Home


While you may not notice how dirty your carpet is, it will be hard to hide the stains  once it gets grimier. Ideally, it should be professionally cleaned by carpet cleaning services. But there are also ways to manually clean it. Believe it or not, you can even do it without using a steam cleaner. Here are the steps you need to follow.


  1. Prepare a bucket of warm water, cleaning tools, and cleaning products.
    • Cleaning tools: an old toothbrush, brush, clean towel, spray bottle, and vacuum cleaner
    • Cleaning product: some baking soda and dish soap
  2. Vacuum the entire carpet back-to-back in one direction. This way, you will not miss out anything on the first swipe.
  3. Mix the baking soda, dish soap, and warm water in the spray bottle.
  4. Pour the solution until it completely covers the entire carpet.
  5. You can either use the old toothbrush or brush and make sure to scrub gently until bubbles are formed.
  6. Remember not to completely soak the carpet. Just soak it enough to remove the dirt as well as the stains. Then pour the solution gradually.
  7. Let it dry and once done, vacuum it again. Also, make sure the bag of your vacuum is empty and clean.



Carpet Cleaning Mistakes You Should Avoid Doing



1. Over-shampooing


It usually happens when you use either too much shampoo, or when you did not rinse your carpet well after brushing it. Nevertheless, both situations are inevitable when you wash your carpet by yourself. If you have forgotten to rinse the soapy residue, it would be impossible to clean it out once it dries. As a result, it will attract more dust and dirt than usual.


2. Over-wetting


Similar to over-shampooing, adding too much water to the carpet may take a longer time to dry. As a carpet shampoo service provider in Singapore, you should pour the warm water slowly.


At Clean Care, we hope you find this article useful when washing your carpet at home. However, remember that this is a short-term solution, and you need to seek carpet cleaning services, at least twice a year.


Book an appointment with us today if you are interested in getting a carpet shampoo service! Visit our website for more information on how you should clean your carpet and upholstery.

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