Carpet Cleaning Myths: What Works and What Doesn’t

Nov 09, 2018

One of toughest items to clean in the house is your carpet. Especially now that you can Google almost everything, there are a lot of tips and techniques that you can find online on how to properly maintain your carpets. But aside from that, you are also sure to find various information about myths and hoax news on how to keep your carpets in good condition for a long period of time.


Let’s take a look at these myths and know the truths behind each.


Myth # 1: It looks clean, no need to vacuum.

Carpets are usually thick and made of layers. This only means one thing: there is more than that meets the eyes. You may not see the dusts and dirt on the surface but there is a high chance that it’s already accumulating dusts from deep within the carpet. It’s pretty much the same as table tops. Even if it’s just sitting silently in the corner, dusts makes it way to the surface. Imagine the exposure of carpets to shoes, slippers, and feet then think of how much dirt it can acquire. So don’t be fooled by how it looks. Regularly vacuum your carpets.


Myth #2: Vacuuming can ruin your carpet

First question, how do you use your vacuum? Generally, vacuum only suck the elements that can be found on the surface of your carpet. It’s not like you’re going to scrub it or poke it deeply to get the dusts off of the carpet. Vacuuming is basically the carpet cleaning’s first aid kit. It’s the easiest, most basic way to keep your carpet clean at all times. It’s the dirt that ruins a carpet, not the vacuum.


Myth #3: Using carpet deodorizers is enough to maintain odour

As a temporary cover up, yes you can use a carpet deodorizer. But if you really want to eliminate the unwanted smell from your carpet, it’s better to target where the smell is coming from. If it’s something that you cannot find, you can ask help from carpet cleaning services expert to treat the source of the bad odour. You just have to remember: if it smells bad, there’s dirt inside.


Myth #4: Cleaning makes it more vulnerable to dirt

It may be hard to believe, but this can actually happen. Some cleaning products made of bad chemicals attract more dust and dirt. That is why it’s really important to look for a trusted and reliable carpet cleaning services to make sure that they are using dirt-resistant chemicals for your carpet fibers. Through this, your carpet will stay cleaner for a longer period of time.


Myth #5: Buy a new one, it’s cheaper.

Buying a carpet is pretty much the same as buying any other furniture or appliances. If it’s cheap, it’s sure to have a catch – either it has poor quality or it’s made of low class materials. So instead of buying cheap knock offs, it’s better to buy carpets with high-quality and maintain them properly.


Myth #6: Carpet cleaning is expensive

Cost and worth are two different things. Cleaning your carpets is always worth every penny. The longer you put it off, the more dirt and allergens it can accumulate – which can soon affect yours and your family’s health. If you want to save a little money, you can do the basic, daily maintenance to keep it cleaned at all times then you can just schedule a deep cleaning once in a while. Preserving your belongings is always a worthy investment.


Always find the truth in maintaining your carpets. Do not settle to knowing what other people has to say about carpet cleaning. Consult the experts in carpet cleaning services to know how you can keep your carpets clean, sturdy, and presentable at all times.

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