Step 1:

Pre-Inspection and the assessment of the condition of carpet.

Step 2:

Pre-vacuuming to remove all dirt and dust on the carpet surface.

Step 3:

Pre-Spotting Foaming – Stain Removal Services  (if needed for tough solidified stains only). We take care of highly soiled areas applying special high PH level solutions for better cleaning results.

Step 4:

Pre-Spray – Carpet Solution Pressured Spray used for shampoo conditioning on the entire surface area of your carpet which is the main cleaning agent before our carpet machine.

Step 5:

Low Moist – High Pressured Counter Rotating Cylindrical Brushing of the carpet both backwards and forwards which covers all areas and in all direction for a deeper clean and at the same time the brushing separates the dirt from your carpet by collecting them into our machine.

Cleaning Spray Bottle

Step 6 (Add-On):

Post-Cleaning CareGuard™ Treatment will lastly be applied as a disinfectant to prevent bacteria, mold and etc. Keeping your carpet fresh for visitors, customers and colleagues 


1.) Will the process harm my carpet?
ANS: Our cleaning process will not cause any damages or shrinkage. However, if there are already torn and damaged area on your carpet, our specialists will notify you and take extra care in cleaning that area.  

2.) How long does it take for it to dry?
ANS: Generally, you can expect your carpet to be dry within 1-2 hours as long as the site is well ventilated.

3.) Are the chemicals used safe for children and pets?
ANS: Yes! All our chemicals used are NEA approved and safe for children and pets.

4.) Will all stains be 100% removed?
ANS: As much as we like to guarantee all stains can be removed, certain stains on some material that has been left untouched for too long will prove to be very stubborn stains. However, you can take a look at our gallery where we usually remove close to 100% of the stains.

5.) How long does it take for the cleaning process?
ANS: Generally our specialist takes about 1 hour for a 300-500 sqft size carpet. It depends on the size, condition of the carpet and the toughness of stains.

6.) Can the cleaning be done during office hours?
ANS: Yes! Our carpet cleaning machine is slight lower in volume than a household vacuum and will not cause much disruption to your colleagues.

7.) What do I have to provide during the cleaning service?
ANS: We will require just electricity and water supply for our upholstery machine.

8.) How often should my carpet be deep cleaned?
ANS: We always suggest to clean them at least 1-6 times a year, but the frequency depends on the traffic flow of your site. Contact our representatives to find out more about our packages!

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