Leather Sofa & Chair Cleaning

As cleanliness & hygiene is the epitome of a healthy living environment, Clean Care’s purpose here is to surpass your expectations providing the quality service in all aspects you deserve.

Having a leather sofa, a chair or a whole set of leather upholstered furniture brings comfort, style and class to your home, vehicle or office that are unrivalled by none other types of upholstery. But with those benefits, the leather owning brings responsibility – it needs to be handled with care, by an experienced hand, so it could maintain its original properties extending the life-span of your sofa.

Although leather pieces of furniture are well known for their durability, they also need attention and regular cleaning. One of the negative aspects of leather sofas is that they absorb oil and sweat from your body. Getting it professional clean gives you peace of mind. Clean Care provides leather sofa cleaning services in Singapore to ensure you a longer life-cycle and cleaner leather sofa at home or work. 

What Solutions Do We Provide

Not only do we clean these items, we do provide fabric cleaning services for yachts, office fabric cubicles and mattress headboards!

Conditioning treatment

Regular conditioning of your leather sofas helps maintain the texture and material of your delicate leather. Not only that, the colour of your leather will not look faded.

Stain treatment

Being equipped with the most advance solutions are never enough, with Clean Care’s experience & knowledge in dealing with different stains you can always rest assured & rely on us as we try our best to remove every spot on your sofa.

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