Vinyl Deep Cleaning

With several years of industry experience, Clean Care understands that while vinyl is a hassle-free and low-maintenance flooring option, proper cleaning and upkeep are key to keeping it looking great for a long time.

A better alternative to linoleum, vinyl is lauded for its ability to recreate almost all kinds of flooring materials such as hardwood, marble, and other natural stones—creating a lavish look for less. We want to keep it that way with our professional vinyl floor cleaning services in Singapore.

Specialised Treatment Includes

Not Only Does Clean Clear Provides A Cleaning Solution On Your Upholstery At Home, But We Also Perform Sanitation On Fabric Upholstery For Yachts, Mattress Headboards And Office Fabrics.


Effectively and safely lift dirt, grime, and contaminants from the surface of your vinyl flooring with our high-pressure steam and powerful vacuum suction.

Deep Scrubbing

Loosen embedded dirt and stains for thorough removal with specialised equipment and cleaning solutions that penetrate deep into the pores of the vinyl.

Protective Layer

Apply a durable protective coating or sealant to the clean vinyl surface and safeguard it against future damage, scratches, and wear.

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