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How Often Should You Clean Your Office Carpet

How Often Should You Clean Your Office Carpet?

Date Written: 16 May 2023


Most commercial buildings choose carpets as their flooring option. Beyond adding to the overall aesthetic appeal of your office, carpets are also more affordable than any other hard flooring choices. Nonetheless, they may not be resistant to dirt and stains hence, regular cleaning is a must. To keep your office carpets in good condition, proper cleaning should be done at least once each year, in general. This article will share some factors that may affect the frequency of cleaning your office carpet. Read on to find out more.


1. Style and colour of the carpet


The cleaning frequency can be determined by the colour, nap, pile type and density of office carpets. In general, lighter colours require more frequent cleaning. As different styles of carpet come with their own fabric, density and structure, this explains why cleaning frequency varies according to the style. The best way is to seek professional help from office carpet cleaning companies in Singapore.


Listed below are some cleaning tips for different types of carpet fibres:


  • Natural fibres

This fibre includes wool carpeting. Wool carpeting must be vacuumed with care. If you are to use a revolving brush as a cleaning equipment, make sure the bristles are flexible and forgiving.


  • Synthetic fibres 

Nylons, Polyesters and Olefins carpets are made of synthetic fibres. A vacuum with aggressive cleaning power works well on the material as it is extremely durable.


  • Other carpet materials

Jute, mountain grass, tinsel, silk and leather and other types of fibres usually require ultra-soft specialty brushes for cleaning purposes. 

Regardless of your office carpet styles and fabrics, the goal is to maintain their cleanliness and extend their longevity by using the right cleaning equipment and methods.


2. Foot traffic


If office carpets are used in a large building lobby with high foot traffic, monthly deep-cleaning will be required. On the other hand, in a small office with low foot traffic, cleaning work can be done once or twice each year. The amount of foot traffic determines the rate of dirt and sand accumulated on the carpet surface. Remember to take employees and visitors alike into account as well. Refer to the degree of foot traffic and the cleaning frequency below:

  • Light foot traffic- clean your carpet 1 to 2 times a year
  • Moderate traffic- clean your carpet 2 to 4 times a year
  • Heavy traffic- clean your carpet 1 to 2 times a month


3. Type of commercial building 


The type of office space you have also contributes to the carpet cleaning frequency. This varies according to how busy your office is, and the proximity between the office and the main entrance to the building. Which types of facilities need more frequent carpet cleaning?


  • Medical Facilities

As the awareness of airborne contaminants increases, healthcare facilities are adding more time slots to their cleaning schedules for deep carpet cleaning.


  • Office buildings

Call for assistance from office carpet cleaning service providers in Singapore every six months to a year to have your office carpets professionally cleaned. You may adjust the schedule based on the number of workers and foot traffic at the building.


Office buildings office carpet cleaning


  • Restaurants/bars

Carpet cleaning in restaurants or bars should be done on a quarterly basis. This is due to the spills and greases that may often occur when serving food and beverages.


  • Retail stores

Carpets used in retail stores should undergo a cleaning process every three to six months.


Now with a better understanding of carpet cleaning frequencies, we share some tips on how this process can be performed efficiently and effectively. 


  1. Clean up any spills immediately.
  2. Vacuum the carpet regularly, preferably every few days.
  3. Engage a professional Rug cleaning service in Singapore to clean your carpet from time to time. 


Learn more: 7 Things To Look Out For When Engaging A Professional Carpet Cleaning Service


We understand that keeping your office carpets looking good and lasting long is not an easy feat. The best way is to have them professionally cleaned at regular intervals. The aforementioned aspects listed above should be able to help you determine the correct cleaning frequency.


Clean Care is a leading professional cleaning service in Singapore. We provide a full range of deep cleaning and sanitation solutions. Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any cleaning-related enquiries.

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