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How To Take Care Of Your Velvet Sofa

How To Take Care Of Your Velvet Sofa

Date Written: 19 Oct 2022


Velvet is soft, tactile and luxurious-looking. It is an ideal choice if you are looking to add colour and warmth to your home interior. Thanks to its durability, and hard wearing material, velvet sofas have become a new favourite among many homeowners today, perfectly complementing almost any type of interior. Despite its appealing appearance, velvet still needs a more regular cleaning as it attracts dust and dirt more easily, compared to other types of sofa fabric. Listed below are some tips on how to take care of your velvet sofas:


1. Use the appropriate upholstery attachment 


It is important to choose the appropriate upholstery attachment when it comes to vacuuming your velvet sofa. Picking the wrong one may cause nicks or scratches on the sofa surface. Upholstery attachments for floor or carpet vacuuming may not be a safe option so it is best to use a soft brush attachment. It can easily eliminate any dust, fluff, crumbs, and dirt without damaging the fabric or material. When vacuuming, make sure you run the attachment back and forth over the velvet until dirt is fully eliminated. If you are still in doubt, seeking advice from an upholstery cleaning service helps you to opt for the best upholstery attachment option for use on a velvet sofa.


2. Use a velvet brush 


Brushing your velvet sofa with a velvet brush on a regular basis can ensure its fresh and clean look. The brushing should be performed in the direction of the pile. A velvet brush usually features a curved head that prevents any brush lines from appearing and ruining the clean finish of the velvet material. There are also velvet brushes specially designed for re-aligning velvet fibres after a steam-clean or spot clean.


Use a velvet brush upholstery cleaning service


3. Always check your manufacturing cleaning instructions 


Before cleaning or brushing your velvet sofa, do check the manufacturer’s website or any paperwork that came with your purchase for information. Product information, especially cleaning instructions, should not be overlooked. Studying the instructions carefully gives you greater clarity on how to handle spills, stubborn stains and other dirt that may have collected on your velvet sofa.


4. Avoid direct sunlight


Apart from upholstery cleaning, sofa positioning plays a part in sofa care as well. When it comes to velvet sofas, never expose them to direct sunlight. Velvet sofas are prone to colour fading and fabric weakening. Therefore, avoid placing your velvet sofa in a space with direct sunlight exposure, for instance, near a big window. If it is impossible to find non-sun-exposed areas, draping a throw blanket over the window may help. Another alternative will be selecting a polyester velvet sofa instead, which material is highly resistant to fading.


5. Fluff your velvet sofa cushions regularly


Your velvet sofa may or may not come with cushions. If it does, fluff them regularly. It is recommended to fluff your cushions at least once every three months to help maintain their shape and extend their lifetime. Fluffing the cushions ensures even filling dispersion and provides your sofa frame with extra protection against rubbing and wear.


Luxurious and inviting, it is no surprise that velvet sofas are rising in popularity and becoming the go-to sofa choice. Following the tips listed above can ensure your velvet sofa’s longevity and radiance.


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