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Keep Your Carpet Clean For a Longer Time

Date Written: 11 Oct 2018


You may have probably seen a lot of articles on how to effectively clean your carpets. You may have already found a lot of DIY tips on how to clean it yourself. Carpets are one of the basic accessories that we put at home. Almost all houses, if not all, have carpets in their living room, bedroom, or entertainment room. That’s why, carpet cleaning is also one of the most important services in Singapore.


Luckily, though, carpet cleaning is not really a big problem, especially if you live in Singapore with a lot of available carpet cleaners. But the thing is, if you will repeatedly wash your carpet, it may be worn out easily. Ideally, carpet cleaning should only be done every 6 to 12 months to keep it sturdy and preserved.


But how can you maintain its cleanliness if you will only wash it once or twice a year? Surely, there are other options, right? There are a lot of factors that can damage a carpet – stains, too much dirt, or cleaning materials residue. So, to keep your carpet clean for a longer period of time and to save you from spending too much money on carpets, here are some pointers to consider to increase your carpet’s lifetime.


Avoid using shoes on carpeted areas

Since you step on all kinds of dust and dirt on a daily basis, stepping on the carpet with your shoes on can damage it. Imagine the amount of outside dirt that you will transfer indoors; imagine that it will stick on the carpet and can leave spots. One of the best ways to keep your carpet clean is to make sure that it’s far from outside dirt. You can also ask your guests to remove their shoes before stepping on the carpet.


Sweep your floor and nearby parts of the house

We know you do, but make sure that you always do. It’s also necessary that you sweep whatever you can reach to avoid accumulating dusts and dirt. Even if it will not really show on the carpet, the dirt accumulated at the bottom can cause permanent marks and can cause damage in the future. As much as possible, limit the contact of dirt, dust, or soil from the carpet.


Make vacuuming a weekly habit

You don’t really need deep carpet cleaning weekly because, as we mention above, it can ruin the carpet and can make it a little weak. So, to properly maintain it and to prevent it from stocking dirt, regularly vacuum your carpet. And if you can extend the cleaning, vacuum nearby places in the house as well. Simply because the dusts in your home can be transferred to the carpet. Vacuuming helps to remove small particles of dirt that are abrasive to the carpet fibers.


Get a regular schedule of carpet cleaning

In addition to the tips above, it is recommended that you get help from a professional carpet cleaning company. This is to further ensure that your carpet is free of harmful bacteria, viruses, pests, or other elements that may cause illness or allergies.


It’s an investment!

Every property is an investment, so you have to make sure that you are taking care of it. Carpets, just like your furniture or clothes, require proper maintenance and care. The baby steps starts with you but you can always rely on an efficient carpet cleaning service to increase the lifespan of your carpet’s

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