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Party Over: 7 tips for your next spring cleaning

Date Written: 17 Aug 2018


If there’s one household task that we are not really fond of, that’s spring cleaning. It’s too much of a hassle that requires a lot of hard. From organising your belongings manually cleaning the big appliances at home, it sure will take too much of your energy… and patience. But what many people may have not known is that spring cleaning is as essential as normally cleaning your homes. Spring cleaning your homes is like a long-term house maintenance to keep your humble fortress clean and, well, livable.


Contrary to the common belief, spring cleaning is not only necessary when the season is about to change. It’s also recommended to have a general cleaning of our homes before and after a festive season, after a party celebration, and as an annual home maintenance. Truly, it requires excessive time and effort and a little bit of patience.


So, before starting your next spring cleaning, take a look at some of these tips which can help you get the job done faster and can help in making your home squeaky clean.


Tip 1: Take your time

Seriously, do not cram on cleaning your home. Once you plan to have a spring cleaning, then you should dedicate your entire day doing it. Why? Because you want to be thorough in cleaning your home. You don’t want to rush it and leave some spots uncleaned. Spend ample time cleaning each room and unloading each cabinet until it’s all done.


Tip 2: Cleaning machines need cleaning too

From washing machine to the dishwasher, make sure that you clean them thoroughly to avoid accumulating mold and mildew. You rely on these machines to clean other things for you (and mostly the sensitive ones like your utensils), so it’s ideal that you keep them clean too. Same goes with the cleaning materials and gadgets. Make sure to clean those up first before starting your spring cleaning. You don’t want to be spreading dusts around the house because your mop was left in the garage for months, right?


Tip 3: Don’t overlook the windows

One of the dirtiest parts of the house are the windows – regardless if you are using it as a divider of your living room and kitchen or the bedroom windows that’s giving you a fresh air from outside. If you have glass windows, you are more likely aware of the accumulating dirt on the edges of your windows. It ain’t good. Also, you may see that it’s not as clear as it was when you move in. Not to mention the curtain and blinds that can also cause more dirt on your windows. So, just clean those windows already and don’t leave any spots dirty.


Tip 4: Declutter the bedroom closet first

You will be surprised to discover how much stuff you can see in your closet that you haven’t used for a long time. Start with clearing out all the bedroom closets by being realistic on what you need to keep because you’re going to use it. Fun fact: majority of the home clutter is in the bedroom closet  and it’s mostly old clothes.


Tip 5: Bring that bed out

Another dirt accumulant at home that we are not very much aware of is the bed. It pays to give all your beds an extra cleaning effort. The best way to remove the dusts is to sprinkle a box of baking soda and leave it for about a day before you vacuum it. Oh, and for the pillows, hand them separately after you wash them. If you put your bed as a priority on your spring cleaning, ,lying on your bed will never be as comforting as ever.


Tip 6: Stainless steels are sensitive

Make sure to treat all the stainless steels in your home with care. Improper cleaning can weaken the material and it will not keep its shine. Avoid using scouring powders, bleach, ammonia, and steel wool. To keep it looking great, just use a mild detergent and some warm water the use a soft cloth to wipe it. Since stainless steel has a smooth surface, there is no need to scrub them intensively. But to cover up scratches and remove stains, it’s better to use a recommended steel cleaner.


Tip 7: Get a professional help

No matter if you have a small or big home, spring cleaning is a tedious task. Good thing, though, you can already look for spring cleaning services in Singapore. These professional cleaners are also experts in specific tasks such as mattress cleaning, sofa cleaning, and even carpet cleaning. They are sure to help you bring the shine back into your homes.

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