Why Post Renovation Cleaning 

The importance of having your house clean after renovation is to ensure that unhealthy chemical and dust have been thoroughly cleaned and removed completely. Once the renovations are completed, we understand the urgency and excitement to have your unit ready for occupancy in perfect health living condition.

  • Dusty and filled with debris
  • Leftover renovation work residues
  • Unpolished mirrors and windows
  • Unhealthy chemicals

    Our Solution     

Our dedicated and highly experience cleaners will be well prepared with all the necessary equipment and solutions to deal with all kinds of dust, dirt and residue. A team of 2-3 cleaners will be working together for 4-6 hours. After which your home will be perfectly ready for occupancy.

  • Disinfect sensitive areas such as toilets and kitchen
  • Acid wash to remove renovation unwanted concrete mess
  • HEPA filter vacuum to completely remove presence of fine dust
  • Green label products to ensure environmental friendly
  • Optional acid wash add-on

    Why Us     

✔ Singapore Registered License Cleaning Company
✔ Using latest technology cleaning equipment
✔ Green Label Products
✔ Strict employment practices
✔ On-site consultation to prepare ourselves ahead of services
✔ Enforced ethical values for staffs at all times

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