Regular Sofa Deep Cleaning

Clean care was informative on their cleaning procedures. They gave me a heads up about my expectations on the cleaning knowing that the stain formed on my sofa was way long overdue. Signed for a regular cleaning and has never regretted my decision!

Home Rug Cleaning

My rug felt generally clean as I vacuum them regularly. But I was surprise that with Clean Care’s equipment and thorough cleaning process, it showed that my rug was actually not as clean as I thought it was!

Regular Mattress Maintenance

I have never thought of cleaning my mattress until i saw Clean Care’s advertisement. After the service, I was more than satisfied with Clean Care. Now I regularly engage them to clean my mattress!

Carpet Deep Cleaning

Clean Care teams are prompt & efficient in delivering their carpet cleaning service. The process is very detailed and their specialists really take pride in their job. Our office carpet has been under the care of Clean Care for more than 3 years!