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professional mattress cleaning in singapore

Simple ways to care for your foam mattress

Date Written: 21 Jun 2022


Memory foam mattresses are made from petroleum-based materials which give them the contouring, supportive, and pressure relieving properties it comes with. While these mattresses can foster sound sleeping, they can quickly lose their supportiveness and comfort if not maintained well. With one third of our lives spent sleeping in our beds, dead skin cells, sweat and hair may seep through our sheets and accumulate on our mattresses as time goes by. On top of keeping our sheets clean, it’s also important to clean your mattress every now and then to remove dust mites, allergens, and bacteria. At Clean Care, we are professionals at mattress cleaning in Singapore, and here are some simple ways to care for your foam mattress at home.


Vacuum your memory foam mattress


memory foam mattress cleaning service


The simplest and most effective way to remove any debris and keep your memory foam mattress clean is by using a hand-held vacuum with a brush attachment. These vacuums are easier to handle compared to anything larger that might cause the mattress fabric to rip. Doing so will help vacuum up hair, dust, and any other small unwanted particles. We recommend vacuuming the surface of the mattress about once a week and also when you change your sheets. Keep in mind to vacuum the underside of your mattress as well every time you rotate it about once every 6 months. If you have a pet at home, use a vacuum specifically designed to pick up pet dandruff and hair. Be sure to also vacuum the hard to reach places during mattress cleaning, such as the sides of the memory foam mattress and the top where it meets the headboard.


Removing stains and odours


Whatever the cause of stains or odours on your memory foam mattress, don’t worry; there are ways to get them out so your mattress looks good as new. It is best to clean fresh stains quickly as the spot will lift more easily. However, if you weren’t able to get to the spot in time, you can still lift the stain with a little more effort. Firstly, avoid using commercial cleaners that have strong chemicals such as ammonia or bleach in their ingredients list, as these chemicals can harm the memory foam. Use instead a homemade solution of 1 part mild detergent and 2 parts water mixed well in a spray bottle for mattress cleaning. Lightly spray the mixture on the mattress, only needing enough to lather the surface of the fabric. Spray on the stained area and scrub in a circular motion with a clean cloth until the stain comes out. The odour will also be eliminated along with the stain.


Use a mattress cover


cleaning service inserting mattress protector


While vacuuming and spot cleaning keeps your mattress clean, mattress protectors and covers will prevent damage and protect against things like dust mites, dust, pollen, and bed bugs.  A good mattress cover can also make or break the lifespan of your foam mattress. Whether or not your mattress came with a removable cover, mattress protectors are a good way to safeguard your foam mattress from spills that lead to stains or worse, mould. Since memory foam is extra absorbent, it’s almost impossible to get rid of big, dark, or really smelly stains.


Cleaning your mattress regularly will help increase its longevity and improve your quality of sleep. There’s nothing like a newly cleaned mattress to keep your bedroom smelling fresh. Additionally, mattress cleaning can help take care of any allergens or even budding mould or mildew. That is why it is advisable to still engage mattress cleaning services regularly to ensure effective removal of all forms of dust and dirt on your mattress. This way, you will be able to have a clean mattress without consuming significant amounts of your time.


Looking to engage a professional mattress cleaning service in Singapore? Our reliable team at Clean Care is here to help. Reach out to find out more!

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