Curtain Dry Cleaning Service In Singapore

Curtains changes the appearance of a home and it’s vital to keep curtains looking straight and clean. Whether you require an on-site cleaning or dry cleaning and laundry for your curtains, we provide solutions that fits your turnover requirements and according to the care labels of curtains. 

Why Book Our Curtain Cleaning Service

Easy Appointment Booking
Hassle Free – Collection and Delivery
Includes Dismantling and Installing
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How Our Curtain Cleaning Process Works


Step 1
Curtain Dismantling

We’ll carefully remove your curtains from their fixtures to send them for cleaning.


Step 2

Our cleaning specialists will inspect and address specific areas of dirt and grime.


Step 3
Pre-Treatment / Stain Removal

We’ll apply specialised pre-treatments to target and eliminate tough stains and restore your curtains’ pristine appearance.


Step 4
Dry Laundry Wash /
Dry Cleaning

We’ll launder or dry clean your curtains using advanced techniques to preserve the fabric integrity and colour vibrancy.


Step 5
Minor Repairs

From loose threads to small tears, we’ll take care of the minor repairs to return your curtain to its best condition.


Step 6

Before packaging your curtain to have it returned to you, we’ll inspect it to ensure its cleanliness and condition.


Step 7
Packaging & Delivery

Your freshly cleaned and rejuvenated curtains are carefully packaged and promptly delivered to your doorstep.

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Frequently Asked Questions

It depends on the fabric make and what kind of curtains you request to have washed. Our price varies for Blackout, Day & Night curtains. Please do enquire to know the specific pricing 

Curtain stains may be challenging to remove as they usually harden after being exposed to sunlight for an extended period. Hence, we strongly recommend you to have your curtains sent for cleaning immediately after you notice a stain. 

Yes we certainly can. Even though a blackout curtain may look thick, its liner can be easily torn if not cleaned correctly. Hence, please use only experienced dry cleaner for your blackout curtains. 

Our service crew are trained to dismantle and install curtains. Adding to that, we will carefully label each curtain to their rooms as per our workflow. This is to ensure efficiency during the installation process after cleaning. Furthermore, a curtain can be heavy to handle alone. If help is needed, please let us know in advance.

We recommend clients to have their curtains cleaned once every 6 months to a year. 

Our normal service takes up to 5 – 7 working days.