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3 Common Types Of Stains & How To Get Them Out Of Your Upholstery

Date Written: 30 Sep 2021


We have all experienced the pain of accidentally staining our favourite upholsteries like armchairs and couches with coffee and food. These stains are notoriously hard to remove, owing to their colour and grease. 


Fortunately, professional upholstery cleaning in Singapore is just a call away. 


But if you prefer to try to rectify the problem yourself first, here are some common types of stains and how you can get them out of your upholstery.


Coffee stains


coffee stain needs upholstery cleaning


Breakfast on the couch is all fun and games till someone spills coffee by accident, staining one of the biggest pieces of furniture in the house. Instead of panicking though, quick action will help to make it easier for you to completely remove the stain. 


  • Grab a paper towel and blot up as much excess liquid as possible. 
  • Gently rub the stain in a circular movement with a damp sponge and mild liquid detergent.
  • The coffee stain should gradually start looking lighter. 
  • Use a damp cloth to lightly dab up any remaining suds.
  • Let the moistened area air dry. 


Sounds easy but things will not necessarily go our way all the time. If you still see a stain there after going through these steps, your next best bet is probably to engage upholstery cleaning services. Leave it to the professionals to remove any deeply embedded stains and kill two birds with one stone by getting rid of dust mites and bacteria on your sofa at the same time!


Pet pee stains


yellow carpet stain needs professional carpet cleaning


The carpet at home is possibly one of the most common areas your pet tends to urinate on since it takes up so much space on the floor. While you can toilet train your furkid, accidents are bound to happen sometimes so proper clean up is required to prevent leaving behind any unpleasant odours. 


  • Dab the area dry with a clean towel. 
  • Mix one part of water with one part of white vinegar to form a solution. Pour it over the area and lightly scrub. 
  • Let the solution sit for a few minutes before dabbing it up with a clean towel. 
  • Repeat the process to remove any lingering odour. 
  • Let the damp area air dry. 


If all else fails, consider engaging a professional carpet cleaning service in Singapore which will not only be able to remove any remaining pet pee stains, but also eliminate strong odours. Your carpet will look like it has been given a new lease on life after the process.


Grease stains


oil stain on couch need upholster cleaning


Love eating in front of the television on the couch? Then, chances are you would have probably dropped food crumbs, staining the sofa in the process. Grease stains are also very common but harder to remove sometimes, so more patience is required. 


  • Scrape off any remaining crumbs. 
  • Blot the grease stain with a wet paper towel.
  • Sprinkle some baking soda on the stain. 
  • Let the baking soda sit for 15 to 20 minutes to absorb the grease.
  • Vacuum the baking soda when the time is up. 
  • Use a damp cloth to remove any baking soda or grease residue. 


Grease stains can be stubborn, so if you would rather save the effort, hiring an upholstery cleaning service will do the trick. All you have to do is sit back and relax while the professionals resolve your upholstery woes. 


Have no idea which upholstery cleaning service to go for? Try Clean Care – we provide professional upholstery cleaning solutions that will help to improve the cleanliness of your items and eliminate stains simultaneously. Get in touch with us today.

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