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3 Ways To Preserve The Quality of Your Sofa

Date Written: 25 Oct 2018


One of the biggest investments that a homeowner makes is their sofa. From the materials, to the comfort, and up to the designer and manufacturers, every aspect of purchasing a new sofa is well-thought and well-planned. That’s why it’s necessary to preserve the quality of your sofa for as long as you could.


There are many ways that you can do to maintain the sturdiness and comfort of your sofa. From regularly cleaning it to getting help from trusted sofa cleaning services in Singapore, there are a lot of options for you to choose from. One of the basic things to consider is to keep it clean all the time and to make sure that it’s protected from any possible damage.


But to completely preserve the quality of your sofas, you need to regularly do some maintenance methods on your own. Here are 3 basic ways to keep your sofa in good condition at all times.


Method 1: DIY cleaning tips

One of the biggest problem a homeowner faces with his sofa is cleaning up stains. Although it’s inevitable and accidents can really happen, it’s still annoying when your beloved sofa suddenly got stained. So first, you have to check the manufacturer’s label to know which materials it is made of. In that way, you can clean it using solutions that’s appropriate for its materials. There are materials that doesn’t go well with cleaning solutions which can eventually damage the sofa. If the stain is really extreme, you can contact a sofa cleaning company in Singapore, instead of doing it yourself – simply because stains have to treated immediately, especially if your sofa is made of leather.


Clean your sofa regularly using a vacuum. Using a vacuum when cleaning does a lot to any upholstery. It doesn’t just remove visible dirt on the sofa but it also absorbs hidden dusts and other small elements that may be stuck in the cushion. Vacuuming at least once a week can help keep your sofa dust and dirt free.


As a daily maintenance, you can also use a lint roller – especially if you have pets. Lint rollers function like a mild vacuum, in a way. It can also remove visible dirt and a few reachable debris that’s stuck in the sofa. Using it about 3 to 4 times a week is enough to make the sofa look presentable on a daily basis.


When it comes to sofas, you have to remember that leather-made sofas need more thorough and abrupt attention. Some people create their own cleaning solution for leather furniture using water and vinegar to address the issue right away, while some buy commercial leather cleaners and store it in case of need. But to make sure that you will not damage your sofa, consult a professional cleaning team for help.


Method 2: Keeping your sofa comfortable

Aside from its cleanliness, it’s also important to keep your sofa comfy and relaxing. After all, having a comfortable place to relax is the main reason why you have a sofa at home, right? Some sofas tend to worn out or becomes saggy after months or years of using it, most especially if you have kids or pets at home. So, to keep it firm, you can alternate the spots where you usually sit. Sitting on the same spot can loosen the softness of the cushions which results to uneven sofa seats. If you have roommates or other family members that’s using the sofa, you should encourage them to do the same.


You should also remember to fluff the cushions from time to time. This can help move the stuffing around and prevent it from clumping on one side. The same fluffing can be applied to throw pillows; you can turn it in different directions.


If your cushions are removable, it’s also a good idea to flip them regularly or every two weeks. This helps in maintaining the shape of the cushions on both sides. If one side of the cushion has been up for a long time, there’s a tendency that the other side will worn down.


Method 3: Prevent it from any damage

To complete your efforts in preserving the quality of your sofa, you should also prevent it from any foreseeable damage.


Protect it from direct sunlight. Too much exposure to sunlight can be harmful for your sofas. As much as possible, place your sofas away from windows where the sun shines through. If you want to do so, make sure to have blinds or drapes to cover the sunlight during peak hours and extreme daylight. As an additional protection, you can ask your cleaning services team if they have a stain protection against sunlight.


Also, if you have parties or other social events at home, do not forget to move or cover your sofas. In that way, you can already protect it just in case there are unexpected spilling of drinks or food. During parties, it will also be more convenient for your guests to have more room to socialise. So it’s a little better to move it to another room or another location in the house.


For leather sofas, make it a habit to cover it when it’s not in use. Leather requires more protection than other types of sofa because it can easily be torn or damaged. It can also accumulate dusts faster than any other materials.


Lastly, the most important part of keeping a damage-free sofa is to make sure that you don’t sit on the armrest, or you will not allow anyone to do so. Sitting on the sofa’s armrest, even if it’s not all the time, can damage the sofa.


The best method

Maintaining a sofa is both tricky and tedious; that’s why there are a lot of self-help articles and videos that you can turn to in case you need to know more about how to keep it clean. But to make sure that you can protect your investments, seek help from a reliable sofa cleaning company in Singapore. Enjoy your comfy couches, longer and better.

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