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Professional mattres cleaning using hot steam

4 Things to know about mattress cleaning services

Date Written: 21 Jun 2022


Mattress cleaning is a task which people often overlook. A good mattress is one that can last you a long time, but just as with all things not properly maintained, will deteriorate at a faster rate with daily usage. Therefore, it is important not only for personal comfort, but also for your health to keep your mattress regularly cleaned. Mattress cleaning services in Singapore can do the job for you, offering a variety of services that will suit your mattress cleaning needs. So before you decide to clean your mattress yourself, consider hiring a professional. This article aims to provide insights into mattress cleaning services, and how one can prepare for professional mattress cleaning.





The best way to effectively disinfect your mattress is through engaging mattress cleaning services by a professional. The cost of mattress cleaning services will vary depending on the size of your mattress and the type of cleaning you need. However, take into consideration that most companies will charge by the hour, so it’s important to ask for an estimate before hiring a professional mattress cleaning company.


Types of services


The type of cleaning that mattress cleaning services provide will also vary depending on the type of mattress you have; cleaning of a memory foam mattress for instance, will usually require deep cleaning using a steam cleaner by a professional. This procedure will help in removing all built-up grime. Whatever your concern is, mattress cleaning professionals are adept at sanitising your mattress properly to get rid of dust mites, odours and bacteria. These professionals will be able to recommend the best mattress cleaning methodology depending on your personal concerns.


Will I need to prepare for professional mattress cleaning?



Another advantage of hiring professional mattress cleaning services is that there isn’t much to prepare for because they handle mostly everything. That said, it will be helpful to get your mattress ready to help speed things along. Remove the sheets, pillowcases, and the rest of the covers; doing so beforehand will give the cleaners a clear area to work with.


4.How often should my mattress be professionally cleaned


Dust mites, bacteria, fungi, dead skin and dirt can be harmful for the health of you and your family members. That is why it is advisable for homeowners to engage mattress cleaning services at least once in six months. Additionally, it would also be best practice to change your sheets once a week to prevent accumulation of dirt on your mattresses.


A clean bed can do more for your sleep than you think. Professional mattress cleaning can increase the longevity of your mattress, on top of encouraging a much better quality of sleep. While you may attempt to clean your mattress on your own, not having the right tools and techniques to do a good job may put you at risk of ruining the mattress instead. Professional mattress cleaners are equipped with the experience and tools to get your mattress looking, smelling and feeling as clean as possible, just like sleeping on a new mattress again.


The team of cleaning experts at Clean Care are here to help if you are considering mattress cleaning services. Reach out today to find out more!

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