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5 Post-renovation Cleaning Tips For A Spotless Home

Date Written: 27 Mar 2022


Cleaning up your home after a major renovation can be tricky but there is no need to let it deter you from deep cleaning your house


We have come up with a checklist for post-renovation cleaning tips, including rug, sofa and mattress cleaning that you can use as a guide for a spotless home. 


This will help to make the process of cleaning a lot easier and less stressful. 


Read on to find out more!


1. Dust all surfaces

Moisture will only cause dirt to stick together so instead of wiping surfaces down with a wet cloth, start off with dusting first from the top to the bottom. Then, use a vacuum cleaner and mop to clean away any of the grime that has accumulated on the floor.


2. Make a DIY carpet cleaning solution



Next, deep clean your carpet since its porous material would have trapped a lot of dirt from the construction and grime that had fallen onto the floor from your dusting. While you do not own the swanky equipment that rug cleaning services in Singapore have, you can always make your own carpet cleaning solution at home. 


Sprinkle baking soda over the carpet and spray a mix of dish soap and water over it, then let the solution sit for a few minutes before brushing the carpet in one direction to remove hair and debris. Blot up any excess moisture using a towel and let the carpet air dry. 


3. Vacuum your upholsteries

Just like your carpet, upholsteries such as sofas and armchairs are made with a porous, fabric material that contains a lot of dust you cannot see with the naked eye. Thus, make sure you vacuum your sofas with a clean and sanitised attachment to remove as much of the hidden dust as possible. 


However, vacuuming has its limitations as a conventional vacuum cleaner simply does not have the power to remove deeply embedded dust. Hence, we recommend engaging a professional sofa cleaning service to get the job done whilst disinfecting it at the same time – saving both time and effort. 


4. Deep clean and remove odours from your mattress



Do not forget your mattress while you are at it! The amount of sweat, body oils and dust mites accumulated over the years paired with debris from renovation is a breeding ground for germs and bacteria. If you do not have the time to wait for a mattress cleaning service, try deep cleaning and removing odours on your own. 


Start off by removing all bedding including the mattress protector, then vacuuming the sides and top of the mattress using a sanitised attachment, followed by sprinkling a layer of baking soda on the top of the mattress to remove moisture and break up dirt and grime. Vacuum up all the baking soda and air the room for the finishing touch. 


To remove odours, mix one part of water with one part of vinegar to form a solution. Then, spritz the solution onto your mattress and let it air dry completely.


5. Clean air-conditioner vents

Last but not least, clean your air-conditioner vents too as dust and dirt particles are so fine that they are capable of making their way into vents. You do not want to turn on the air-conditioner and have specks of dust flying out, contaminating the rest of your home that you have already cleaned. 


Remove the filters and clean with warm water and soap, then air dry them completely before placing them back into the air-conditioner. 


If you would prefer leaving the hard parts such as deep cleaning the rug, sofa and mattress to the pros, consider hiring Clean Care. We are a one-stop cleaning company that provides everything you need from carpet cleaning services to professional sofa cleaning. Get in touch with us today.

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