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5 Reasons Why You Should Professionally Wash Your Office’s Carpet Now

Date Written: 16 Dec 2020


There is no doubt that as a business owner, managing your products and services is not the only thing you do. You would slowly realise that you need to take care of your employees and office at the same time. Indeed, looking out for these two are not easy tasks you can perform by yourself. Keeping the office clean and watching out for the health of your employees alone might just be enough to distract you from the important task on hand. Do not let a dirty office be one of the reasons to stop you from succeeding, let a professional do the cleaning of your office’s carpet. As an expert in this field, we would like to share with you our view on why you need to professionally wash your office’s carpet. Listed below what are the factors you need to know.


Professionally cleaned office carpet


Why Should You Professionally Wash Your Office’s Carpet?


1. Improves the First Impression of Your Brand


As the saying goes, the first impression lasts. This phrase is quite right in the business world. You see, the moment your customers enter your office, your carpet flooring in the next thing they will see after your front door. So, if they find it unkempt, they would assume you do the same thing on how you would handle your business. Sloppy, messy, unorganised, these could be what they would think of your organization, and that would probably remain in their memory for a long time.


2. Maintains a Hygienic Working Environment


Did you know that a carpet contains 200,000 bacteria per square inch? According to research that is 4,000 times more contaminated than the toilet seat at your restroom in your office. The buildup of bacteria can trigger allergies and decrease staff productivity. With Covid-19 slowly but surely phasing out of Singapore, we must continue to maintain good hygiene behaviours and ensure housekeeping within our workspace is well met.


3. Increase the Productivity of Your Employees


Well, of course! Keeping your office’s carpet fresh and clean, would make employees feel more comfortable and safe to work. They would most likely work harder as they would notice how much you value their second home—your office.


4. Precise and In-Depth Carpet Cleaning Method


Your daily office cleaner may not be able to remove those stubborn stains on your carpet. Not only do they not have the right equipment and cleaning products, but they also do not have the skills to get rid of pesky stains. On the other hand, if you let the professional do the cleaning, your carpet in Singapore will look clean and fresh on the first try.


5. Expand the Lifespan of Your Office’s Carpet


No matter how expensive your carpet flooring is, it would eventually wear out. Much more, if you do not clean it the right way. You see, carpets in the office tend to have traffic lanes since employees walk on it throughout the day. You would notice this when one side looks darker than the other. It probably means it has more dust and grimes embedded inside. So, if yours look like this, let a professional clean it right away. Otherwise, you might need to buy yourself a new office carpet.


Need Someone to Professionally Clean Your Office’s Carpet Right Away?


Look no further! At Clean Care, we can do the cleaning of your carpet right away. All you need to do is give us a call and let us know where your business’ address is. We can rest assured you that our carpet cleaning services in Singapore will make sure to keep your carpet fresh and clean. That way, you would have a clean and healthy working environment for you and your employees!


So, if you tried our office carpet cleaning services before, let us know what you think! You can either leave a comment on our Facebook page or our website here.

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