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5 Ways you are ruining your sofa

Date Written: 03 Aug 2021


Whether you’re bingeing on your favourite TV programmes or spending your afternoons reading, there is no denying that we spend the majority of our day on the sofa. Even though an average sofa should last approximately 10 years, and a high-quality one for 25 years or more, most of us often neglect to take proper care of our sofas. One common mistake that everyone makes is to not send their sofa for professional cleaning. As such, our sofas tend to get old before their time. Here we share five ways that you may be unintentionally ruining your sofa: 


1. Always Sitting In The Same Spot

Humans are creatures of habit when it comes to relaxing, so much so that we tend to head to our favourite spot on the sofa unknowingly. Though it is comfortable, sitting in the same spot over and over again can do the sofa harm  – crushing the fibres and wearing down the springs beneath. 


What you can do instead is to mix it up and sit on different parts of the sofa to distribute the weight evenly over time. In turn, this prevents your sofa from deteriorating too quickly. 


2. Forgetting To Rotate Your Cushions



Whether you have a leather or fabric sofa, it is important to always rotate your cushions regularly to maximise the longevity of your sofa. Flip them over occasionally and switch them around to different spots – this prevents sagging and thus allows your cushion to retain its shape.  


Aside from regularly flipping them, you have to wash your cushions as well. Before throwing it into the washing machine, you have to vacuum your sofa to remove any crumbs, lint, and even dust. If you have pets, then you can consider using a special cleaning tool to remove pet hair. Since all leather and fabric sofas have different properties, it is always best to check the tag of your sofa cushion or sofa to determine how much cleaning needs to be done and how to wash it correctly. 


Alternatively, you can always engage the help of professional sofa cleaning services to help you give your couch a thorough clean. 


3. Sleep On It 

As comfortable as sofas can be, they are meant for sitting and not sleeping. When laid on frequently, the sofa frame and cushion will sag as well as deteriorate. While it is okay to take short naps on your sofa, it is best to head to your bed or invest in a sofa bed. 


4. Let Stains Set


Professional sofa cleaning by Clean Care


It is recommended to always clean any spills on your sofa immediately, especially if the upholstery is fabric. Allowing stains to set in the fabric may lead to them becoming more difficult to clean or remove. Besides cleaning stains immediately, you can also protect your fabric sofa with throw rugs or cushions, and even use a protective spray to ensure that the stain does not eat into your upholstery.


5. Never Clean It

As sofas tend to get a lot of action, they can get dirty very easily. Even if your leather sofa doesn’t look dirty, it is most likely covered in a layer of dust particles, sloughed-off skin cells, and even bits of food. Hence, it is important to clean your sofa regularly to extend its lifespan. 


Vacuuming your sofa regularly can help remove crumbs, dirt, and other debris. You can always start by removing the cushions and vacuuming underneath them as well as around the frame. Then, you should use an upholstery attachment to vacuum the cushions thoroughly as well. Not only does this regular surface cleaning help to maintain the upholstery and keep it as dirt-free as possible, but it is also an important step before deep cleaning can be done on your sofa. 



There are a few factors to consider when it comes to deep cleaning your sofa. For instance, your upholstery tends to get dirty easily if it is placed in a frequently-used room or often used by children and pets. The other common factor would be the type of upholstery you have – both fabric and leather sofas require different methods of cleaning


Although leather furniture is known for their durability, they also need you to pay extra attention and regular cleaning. Besides vacuuming, you also need to wipe down your leather sofa. When it comes to choosing the right soap or cleaner for your sofa, it is best to use a gentler one. Use two soft microfibre cloths – one for cleaning the sofa, and one for wiping it dry. 


On the other hand, as fabric sofas are more prone to stains than leather ones, it is best to spot treat them. If you have a sofa cleaner but are unsure if the product falls within the recommendations, then it is advisable to test a small area of your fabric sofa before cleaning it. 


In conclusion

Routine vacuuming and spot cleaning can be done on your own regularly, however, deep cleaning upholstery is best left to the professionals. The main reason is as mentioned above: different fabrics require different methods and cleaning agents. Hence, a professional upholstery cleaner will know the method and products that are best for your furniture. 


Besides providing professional sofa cleaning services, the experts at Clean Care will also tailor their cleaning approach to suit your upholstery needs and ensure impressive results.




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