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6 Things to Consider When You Are Sending Your Carpets for Professional Cleaning

Date Written: 28 Oct 2020


No matter how expensive your carpet is. It is still one of the dirtiest household items your home probably has. You might not believe it, but it’s filled with dead skin cells, dander, insect faeces, bacteria, fungi, etc. You are probably wondering how does it happen when you are vacuuming it monthly or even weekly, right? You see, vacuuming alone does not eliminate germs and other contaminants that your carpet has. It only removes dirt and dust from the surface and leaves those that are embedded inside. If you are considering if it is time to send your carpet to professional cleaning services. Take note of these signs below.


Vacuuming the carpet



When Should You Send Your Carpet for Professional Cleaning?



1. Looks Old and Worned out


Even though carpet cleaning services cannot replace the old, worn, flat or torn carpet, their thorough cleaning can make it look brand-new. It can get rid of those dust that weighs down the fibres, making it look flat and lifeless. You might be surprised at how much your carpet can become fluffy and soft again! 


2. It Smells Unpleasant


It is inevitable for a carpet to smell unpleasant when you have kids and pets at home. When playtime gets too carried away, there might be perspiration that gets trapped on your new fluffy carpet. If that happens, you could expect that it would smell, even though you already wipe them off. Thus, if you feel that your carpet is starting to stink, looking for a shampoo service for your rug could help to get rid of that foul odour.


3. Has Stains


Spilling your drinks over your carpet can happen no matter how much we try to prevent it, spillage can leave nasty stains that are hard to get rid of. The longer the stains sit on your carpet, the harder it gets to remove.  And, you might end up covering up the blots with furniture or call for carpet cleaning to get rid of the pesky stains completely.


4. Mould & Mildew Are Appearing


This can only happen for two reasons. Your carpet has either been left in a damp condition or you did not clean off the food spill well. Nevertheless, those moulds and mildew could affect the air quality of your home. When it happens, you would have a hard time breathing. This could be especially dangerous for family members with asthematic symptoms.


5. Allergies Acting Up


Other than having a hard time breathing, moulds and mildew could also trigger your allergy. You would be able to notice this once your skin starts to have rashes and you cannot stop sneezing and coughing. Thus, if your allergies start acting up, it could be time to schedule a carpet cleaning. However, do visit your doctor should there be constant flare up of your allergies too!


6. Have Not Cleaned It for a Year


No matter how busy you get, that should never be an excuse not to get your carpet clean, at least twice a year! However, if you do not remember when was the last time you cleaned it, it would be wiser to let a professional cleaner do it. That way, no contaminants will be left behind.


If all these signs are happening to your carpet, make sure to clean it thoroughly. It is also a good idea to call for carpet professional cleaning services if you are having a hard time cleaning it.


At this unprecedented time, your health matters more. So, household cleaning has never been more necessary. Not only does it keep your home clean, but it also protects your family from various diseases.


Do you need help cleaning your carpet in Singapore? Feel free to call us, Clean Care today! Make sure to visit our website to book an appointment with us.

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