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A Busy Mom’s Guide: 9 Secrets to Cut Cleaning Time in Half

Date Written: 14 Aug 2019


When you think about general home cleaning, you probably think of a project that will take away most of your weekends for a month by clearing out, sorting through, and throwing the clutter away; and as a mom who juggles between a 9-5 job and looking after the family, it just isn’t acceptable.


However, what you and many other Singapore moms probably don’t realise is that spending weeks of wiping, scrubbing, and decluttering isn’t the smart way to go about things—not when there are ways to cut your cleaning time in half and still do it effectively.


In this article, we listed some cleaning secrets that will save you hours—if not days—of cleaning and leave you plenty of time to enjoy a clean and organised home with the family.


1. Plan Ahead: Like with anything, early planning results in faster work and better results. Prioritise your cleaning list and order tasks by importance. Make sure you have all the cleaning tools and products you’ll need before starting to avoid unnecessary interruption.


2. Tackle One Room at a Time: Focus on one room at a time. This way, you spend less time walking around the house and keep yourself from getting sidetracked. You also somehow trick yourself into thinking you accomplish more than you would when you schedule one task (e.g. clean all windows) for one day.


3. Work from Top to Bottom: Dust and dirt removed from above settle to the floor. Hence, as you go, make sure to clean your way from top to bottom and leave vacuuming and mopping last. Otherwise, you only create more work for yourself.


4. Get Everyone Involved:When we say “everyone,” we mean including your kids in the cleaning. You can ask them to do easy tasks such as gathering old toys and clothes to donate to charity while you re-organise along the way.


5. Invest in Proper Cleaning Tools: When no amount of repair or cleaning no longer do the trick to improve your vacuum cleaner’s efficiency, it may be time for you to upgrade into a new and better one. The same is true for your washing machine, dishwasher, and other cleaning appliances.


6. Hire a Professional: Be realistic about your capability and leave major tasks such as carpet cleaning to the professionals. It will not only save you time but will also keep you from causing damage that may cost you more in repair or replacement.


Save Time On Future General Home Cleaning

Because early planning will save you time, it’s safe to say that it’s never to early to prepare for future home cleaning! Continue reading to discover more tips you can follow for faster and easier cleaning later.


7. Prevent Your Home from Getting Dirty– The most effective way to clean is to keep your home from getting too dirty in the first place. Some preventive measures you can do is to:


  • Vacuum regularly
  • Sort mails upon receiving
  • Wash dishes after each use
  • Take off shoes before entering
  • Place doormats in every entryway; and
  • Wipeout kitchen surfaces after every use


8. Create a Cleaning Calendar– In the same manner, you can further reduce cleaning time by spreading out tasks such as organising the wardrobe, washing the windows, and purging the basement throughout the year. You’ll be surprised to see how little time you’ll need to clean next time because you almost don’t have anything left to clean in the first place!


9. Dedicate a Place for Everything – To conclude, give everything a place and never give clutter a chance to build up. Here are some ideas:

  • Keep your magazines in a rack
  • Place a laundry basket in each room
  • Have a designated area to store all your shoes
  • Hang hooks near the door for keys, umbrellas, and jackets


In terms of cleaning your home, working smarter and not harder is the way to go—and taking these secrets to heart will help you exactly do so! While at it, make sure to enlist the help of a professional carpet cleaning service provider like Clean Care to take care of your furniture.

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