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Clean office carpet

A Stale Office and How It Can Affect Your Staff Morale

Date Written: 22 Apr 2021


In the business world, workplace cleanliness is not one of the top priorities of business owners. Most of them tend to focus more on managing their products and promoting them. 


Little did they know that taking care of employees and keeping the office clean impacts employees’ performance and business results. Indeed, looking out for these two matters are not easy tasks a business owner alone could handle.


Though that does not mean they could neglect not cleaning their office carpet and letting their employees suffer. Business owners should know that a stale office could affect their staff morale and operation in the long run.


To further elaborate, let this article discuss that matter, along with the actions you could do to improve the cleanliness of your office.


How Does a Stale Office Affect Your Staff Morale?


An average employee spends their time 90,000 hours at work in their lifetime. Just imagine how that would impact their life. See, failure to keep the office fresh and clean results in serious issues. While it may sound ridiculous, there are solid proofs behind the concept of having a clean and healthy working environment.


Creates Poor First Impression

There is a saying, the first impression lasts. This phrase remains true since it could make or break how a client would view a company. 


If they find your office unkempt the moment they go through the front door, they might change their mind and leave. That could happen if they notice how dusty the carpet in your office is.


Stale, sloppy, grimy, and unorganised, these are some of the few words that might remain in their memory about your company. As a result, they would think twice about whether to trust and make a business deal with you.


Consider contacting carpet cleaning services in Singapore to keep your office clean from time to time. 


Workplace Mindset

According to a study, the workplace mindset plays a crucial role in employees’ performance. How they feel about their working environment affects how they work. A stale office could only make them lose their focus, making them perform poorly with their tasks as they complete them.


The Risks of Health and Wellness

That could occur more these days since the pandemic is still ongoing. A messy working environment could lead to sickness, making employees file for sick leaves. When that happens, your lack of workers cannot meet the demands of your clients. In the long run, you will experience loss of profit if that continues.


Do not let that happen by following safety measures and start cleaning your office carpet regularly. That helps improve the indoor air quality of your workplace.


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What Actions Could You Do to Improve the Cleanliness of Your Office?


Short-Term Solutions

  • Get professional carpet cleaning.

Only when you do not have time to clean the office carpet yourself, and some visitors are coming the following day. Hiring an expert in professional carpet cleaning in Singapore reduces stress and chores to do to keep the office clean and fresh on time. 


Long-Term Approach


  • Schedule Office Carpet Cleaning Services

Workplace cleanliness is not a one-hit-wonder. It requires a commitment to keep everything tidy. However, if you are in trouble cleaning the office carpet, let the expert do it for you. 

Consider scheduling office carpet cleaning services four times a year for medium traffic areas, while once a month for heavy traffic ones. 


  • Promote Awareness 

Besides hiring an expert, employees should know how to keep the office clean, especially in their cubicle. Their awareness helps to decrease the clutter and keep the air quality fresh. Also, expect their action attracts fewer pests.


You could promote awareness by placing signs around the office. Consider hanging posters like restricting eating in cubicle areas, empty trash after work, etc. 



Keep Your Office Clean With Clean Care

If you need a hand cleaning your office carpet and keep your workplace fresh at all times, Clean Care is here to help. As we only use the highest quality biodegradable cleaning products, rest assured that your office will never be stale again! Feel free to contact us at any time you need office carpet cleaning services.


If you tried our office carpet cleaning services before, tell us what you think! Leave a comment either on our Facebook page or here at our website. 


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