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Are Your Pets Sleeping With You On Your Mattress? 3 Ways To Protect Yourself And Your Pet With A Clean Mattress

Date Written: 05 Mar 2021


Undeniably, pets are treated as part of the family. They are part of our everyday lives considering that they live in our homes and share their lifetime with us, up to the point that we allow them to cuddle up in bed next to us. Who would not love to feel the sense of companionship, security and relaxation, plus several health benefits when you hear your cat purring next to you as you both go into slumber? Heavenly as it sounds, the reality of sharing your bed with pets can get a little messy since they would be shedding fur and stamping dirt marks on your fresh sheets. Sometimes, your dog or cat can go into a digging mood and start scratching the surface of your mattress. Soon enough, you will find yourself looking for either a new mattress or professional mattress cleaning services.


Since you are too forgiving when it comes to your pets, you may think that one service is convenient. However, you must know that neglecting mattress care can pour your money down the drain. If you want to avoid that, you should know how to keep your mattress clean for your health and your pets.


3 Ways to Keep Yourself and Your Pet Healthy with a Clean Mattress


1. Cover it with a Mattress Protector


There is no argument that your mattress is a significant investment so you must take care of it. With a mattress protector, not only will it serve as a shield from any damages, but its waterproof quality will also prevent pee odours from absorbing deep into your mattress that could give you skin rashes. Aside from the exposure to its irritating chemicals, you would also have a lingering urine smell in your room. Investing in a mattress protector even before these accidents happen, you can expect to enjoy a cuddle evening with your beloved pets!


2. Regular Mattress Cleaning

A mix of sweat, dust, fur, allergens, and dead skin cells is found on the surface of your mattress. Nothing is appealing when you know that you sleep with these with your pets every night. Your skin is not liking it either, and they may show it by giving you skin inflammation and acne problems. By getting mattress cleaning in Singapore, trust that the cleaning experts can eliminate these problems with their service! As someone who sleeps every night with their pets, a regular cleaning service for every change of seasons is highly recommended for you instead of having only two cleaning a year.


3. Ensure You and Your Pet are Always Clean

If the problem you have with your pets is they come in contact with pollen, grass, and dirt daily, you must know that the natural process of your body to produce sweat, oil, and shed dead skin cells is a problem too. Of course, any of these that come in contact with your mattress could give you diseases since it would shelter the ill-causing germs. However, you can prevent that when you and your fur friend practise good hygiene habits before getting under the covers!


Clean Care as Your Mattress Cleaning Service Provider


While you may see that sleeping together is a bonding experience for you and your pet, taking certain safety precautions to protect you and your pet’s health is also vital. Getting rid of ill-causing mould, mildew, and other common allergens is the precaution that a responsible owner should take. All of that can be eliminated with a mattress cleaning service!


Here, at Clean Care, we are dedicated to giving the best quality cleaning service that every person needs, whether they have pets or not. With our mattress cleaning services in Singapore, we use pet-friendly, organic products in our sessions! Hence, you would not have to worry about your pets inhaling strong chemicals that may harm them even when you get our service regularly.


If you want to know more about our pet-friendly cleaning services, you may contact us on our website today! In no time, you can expect a restful sleep with your lovely fur friends.

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