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Common house cleaning habits that you’re probably doing wrong

Date Written: 26 Jul 2018


Owning a home is surely rewarding – the first time you move in and arrange your furniture, the wonderful experience of designing your own home, and the first night you sleep over. But living in your own house requires a bigger task too; and one of those is cleaning your place.

When it comes to cleaning, we always want to get the job done as quickly and as efficiently as possible. However, many homeowners are developing some habits that can cause damage to their health and to their properties.

Take note of these common cleaning habits that you’re probably doing wrong and know the best resolution for your carpet, mattress, sofa, and spring cleaning needs in Singapore.


1. Leaving dirty cleaning tools after cleaning

There may be times that you are already tired after cleaning the house, so you just can’t hurry enough to store your cleaning materials to the storage. Here’s an important tip: your cleaning tools need some cleaning too (especially the rags). When you store the rags and brushes unclean, you are just inviting more dirt. Make sure to clean it up before keeping it in the cabinets.


2. Wiping mirrors with plain cloth

No matter what type of glass cleaner solution you are using but if you are wiping your mirror with plain cloth, you’re just smudging dirt across the surface. When cleaning mirrors, make sure to use a microfiber cloth; and before applying any liquid solution, always wipe it dry to sweep off any dust around it. This works on all glass surfaces too.


3. Dry and used dishes in the sink

We get it, there may not be time to soak each used plate if you are in the middle of a party. But leaving unsoaked dishes only mean extra time in scrubbing it. If the dishes, especially the pots and other cooking tools, make sure to lightly wet it with water if it’s not possible to soak it. In that way, it will not stick dried stains on your dishware.


4. Window cleaning again… and again… and again.

One of the trickiest parts of the house to clean is the window, especially if it’s a tall one. Many homeowners tend to clean their windows repeatedly just to get a satisfactory result. But there shouldn’t be any hassle if you will do it on the right time of the day. Simple tip: do not clean the windows if the weather is a blazing heat.

It’s better to clean your windows on a cloudy or in the afternoon when the sun is not on its peak. Simply because the glass cleaner solution dries up and it leaves streaks of stain on the window glass, which makes it harder to clean. Do it on a cool day and it you’re sure to get striking shiny windows.


5. Scrubbing your carpets and upholstery

It’s a common knowledge to clean your carpets and sofa by brushing, because it removes all the nasty filth, right? Well, you’re wrong. Scrubbing only spreads the dirt on your carpet and it also damages the fibres, which is irreparable. If you are to clean your carpet, it’s better to blot it. Blotting absorbs the moisture and colour of the stain while keeping your carpet in good condition. But, you have to use multiple clean cloth to soak up all the dirt.


6. Buying too many cleaning tools… but wait! There’s more!

Surely, it’s really tempting to buy all those one-of-a-kind and modern cleaning tools you see in the department stores and on television, but are you using it effectively? Think twice before you buy another set of scrubs and mops. Or if you have already bought it, make sure that you will familiarize yourself with how to use it properly.


Getting a cleaning expert is not a bad idea

But when all else fail, it’s not a bad idea to get some help. From your mattresses, to your carpets, and up to your leather sofa and other upholstery, you’re sure to have a well-cleaned environment with the help of the expert in cleaning services in Singapore. You can now hire a professional cleaning service to make sure that your home is dirt-free, even cleaning up the mess for your post-event mayhem.


Clean wisely and live peacefully!

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