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Daily Habits That Destroy Your Rugs

Date Written: 16 Nov 2018


Rugs are undeniably an eye candy that enhances the interior design of your home. They’re heirlooms woven in a way to last hundreds of years so they can be passed down to succeeding generations.


Yes, they are designed to last, provided they’re well taken care of. But, under wrong circumstances, a rug can look like an eyesore in a few years.


Having your rugs cleaned may not be much of a problem, with the many cleaning hacks and homemade solutions online, not to mention the various professional carpet and rug cleaning services in Singapore. But, if you haven’t determined why it’s getting overly dirty in the first place, then you’re not really getting into the bottom line.


The truth is, you may have some daily habits you are unknowingly doing that results to the visible and rapid wear and tear of your rugs. So, to save you from further damage and exponential costs down the line, keep reading to find out whether you have bad habits you should ditch. Unless of course, you’d rather render your cleaning efforts useless.


Using shoes on rugs

When you walk with your shoes on at your home, you bring in different kinds of dirt and debris from outside. These can accumulate in your rugs and over time, cause permanent damage. To limit the amount of outside dirt that you’ll transfer indoors, declare a shoes-off rule in your home. You can also place doormats at all entries where you can take your shoes off. But, if you want to go the extra mile, use slippers intended for indoor use.


Skipping on the vacuum

Buying a vacuum is no good if you don’t use it on a regular basis. If you fear frequent vacuuming will ruin your rugs, it will actually do otherwise. By removing dust and particles that gather, vacuuming extends the life of your rugs. It also stretches the time in between washes – keeping your rugs from fading and deforming. You should be vacuuming your carpet at least twice a week, but with areas with high traffic lanes, you’ll need to vacuum up to four times a week.


Leaving behind pet hair

Now, while vacuuming can do a great deal in removing small particles, it can still leave behind some stubborn strands of pet hair that can damage the rug fabric. When the vacuum isn’t enough, a squeegee -with its smooth rubber blade – can do the trick by loosening up the hair strands which you can then vacuum.


Neglecting to clean right away

We know you don’t but it pays to remind you that diligently cleaning spills and stains away immediately will save your rugs from unsightly damage. The longer you wait to deal with any mess, the harder it will be to clean it up thus, the more damaging the cleaning itself can be. It is also important to note that different rug materials and types of stains require different cleaning methods, so make sure you use the right solution.


Forgetting the importance of professional rug cleaning

You may have the best practices of cleaning your rugs on your own, with all the cleaning hacks available at your disposal. But, no matter the condition of your rugs, getting it professionally cleaned at least once to twice a year will guarantee its longer life-span.

Give your rug the care it deserves by contacting your professional carpet and rug cleaning services provider today!

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