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DIY Methods To Clean And Disinfect Your Mattress

DIY Methods To Clean And Disinfect Your Mattress

Date Written: 03 May 2022


We spend at least a third of our daily lives on our beds. This figure increases if we include the extra hours spent cosying in bed reading a book, surfing the internet, or watching Netflix. All of these activities have undoubtedly contributed to a mattress full of dust mites, dead skin cells, and germs.


As such, it is essential for you to clean and disinfect your mattress regularly, as a dirty bed can contribute to you falling sick. This task is especially crucial if you have family members who are allergic to dust mites and other allergens. Let us share several effective mattress cleaning methods to help you clean your bed like a pro.


1. Vacuuming and spot cleaning


Vacuuming and spot mattress cleaning Singapore


Your vacuum cleaner is one of the best tools at your disposal for cleaning your mattress. Attach the upholstery tool to your device and go over the surface of your mattress to remove any dust and dirt that may have accumulated on your bed. 


After you are done going over the surface of your mattress, you can switch over to the crevice attachment for your vacuum to remove any out-of-reach dust and dirt that may have gathered in the tiny crevices or sides of your bed.


If you spot any stains on your mattress during the vacuuming process, use a clean rag dipped in a liquid cleaner that is diluted with warm water to clean the stains. It is crucial for you to wring out the solution so that the cloth is barely damp to avoid building moisture under the bed.


2. Sanitising and disinfecting the mattress


Mattress cleaning in Singapore sanitising and disinfecting the mattress


Antibacterial sprays are excellent at killing germs and harmful bacteria that have accumulated on your bed. Spray the solution lightly across your mattress surface before wiping down the sprayed surfaces with a clean rag dipped in warm water.


However, if your skin is sensitive to the chemicals found in antibacterial sprays, you may want to consider steam cleaning as an alternative method for mattress sanitisation since this process does not require any chemicals.


Furthermore, a steam cleaner is effective in eradicating nasty dust mites and breaking up any yellow sweat stains that have developed on your mattress. However, it is best to avoid constant bursts of steam as this will cause the bed to be saturated with moisture, causing mould and mildew to form. 


After you have sanitised your mattress, you can consider deodorising the bed with baking soda to eliminate any unwanted odour emanating from it. Sprinkle or sieve baking soda on the mattress surface and let it sit for as long as possible – preferably in direct sunlight – before vacuuming the bed once you are ready to remove the powder.


3. Cleaning the bedding and sheets


bedding and sheets mattress cleaning in Singapore


Cleaning your mattress won’t do much good if you are still sleeping on an unclean bedsheet. As such, your bed linens should always be included as part of your mattress cleaning process as they are the first contact point when you lie on your bed. 


Ideally, you should wash your bedding or sheets, including your pillows and mattress toppers, thoroughly using detergent and hot water weekly. Afterwards, hang them out to dry under direct sunlight, as the sun acts as a natural disinfectant to eradicate any remaining bacteria.


Cleaning your mattress is essential in maintaining a healthy sleeping environment. However, if you are unable to dedicate the time to maintain your bed regularly, you can consider getting the help of a mattress cleaning service in Singapore. A reliable mattress cleaner will effectively remove all dirt, stains, and odours from your bed, ensuring it is in pristine condition once they are done.


At Clean Care Pte Ltd, we are a professional mattress cleaning company with years of experience in the industry. Rest assured that our professional cleaners are well-trained to handle any cleaning scenarios. If you are interested, do not hesitate to contact us today to find out more!

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