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How professionals handle both rug and carpet cleaning

How professionals handle both rug and carpet cleaning

Date Written: 06 Jun 2023


While rugs and carpets are often used interchangeably, they are still different in some ways, including cleaning methods, maintenance requirements, and construction. Typically, rugs are made of natural fibres, hence, requiring more delicate cleaning methods. On the other hand, synthetic fibre-made carpets can withstand high temperatures and harsh chemicals. This article will list out the key differences between rug cleaning and carpet cleaning, providing you with a better understanding of how professionals manage cleaning the duo to ensure their overall look and longevity.


1. Cleaning Methods


Made from fabrics that have poor resistance to high temperatures, such as wool, cotton, silk and other natural fibres, professionals usually clean rugs with rug shampoos through gentle cleaning methods. This prevents them from shrinking or becoming damaged when being exposed to extreme heat or harsh chemicals. Meanwhile, when it comes to carpet cleaning services, steam cleaning and other harsher cleaning methods are applicable. Typically, carpets are made of synthetic fibres that are heat-resistant, thus, withstanding more aggressive cleaning procedures. Steam cleaning is a popular method that involves the use of high-pressure hot water and a cleaning solution to remove dirt and stains. Though carpets can resist more thorough cleaning methods, engaging a professional carpet cleaner is still recommended, ensuring effective and appropriate cleaning processes.


2. Expertise


Expertise-carpet cleaning


To guarantee your desired outcome when cleaning either rugs or carpets, possessing the relevant know-how and specialised knowledge is key. While carpets are generally commercially produced with standardised maintenance and cleaning guidelines, engaging a cleaning expert is still essential as they are able to provide that extra care in ensuring your carpets are properly cleaned. As for rug cleaning services in Singapore, even greater expertise and experience is required to protect rugs from damage during the cleaning process. Unlike carpets, rugs may not possess their own maintenance and cleaning guide. This is where professional rug cleaners come in handy to identify the type of rug and apply the best cleaning method.


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3. Fringe


The presence of fringe is also another key factor that can be used to differentiate between rug and carpet cleaning. Area rugs can add aesthetics to any room and many come with decorative fringes that elevate their appearance. Nonetheless, cleaning these rugs and preserving the delicate fringe can be a challenge. The fringes can easily become twisted, tangled, or damaged during the process. Professional cleaners will handle these fringes with care during the cleaning process, keeping them intact throughout. If you’re looking for rug cleaning services in Singapore, conduct thorough research on the price range, cleaning methods and other details first before hiring one. On the other hand, carpets with fringes are less common so the cleaning procedure may be less complex.


All in all, maintaining the hygiene and beauty of rugs and carpets is crucial for both aesthetic and health reasons. As the cleaning processes for these two types of floor coverings can contrast significantly, understanding their differences is vital in ensuring that they are cleaned the right way.


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