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How To Choose The Ideal Vacuum Cleaner For Your Home

How To Choose The Ideal Vacuum Cleaner For Your Home

Date Written: 04 May 2022


The perfect vacuum cleaner can simplify your life like no other household appliance, making household chores such as mattress cleaning and carpet cleaning a breeze. As such, it is advisable to give due consideration when it comes time to buy a new vacuum cleaner for your home.


However, given the various models available on the market, it can be a challenge for you to narrow down your options. While reviews are the obvious place to start, it is not the be-all and end-all when it comes to selecting the ideal vacuum cleaner for your home. Here are several factors you need to consider as well. 


1. Suction power


Suction power Carpet cleaning services


The most obvious consideration to keep in mind when shopping for a vacuum cleaner is its suction power, as the performance of your vacuum depends significantly on this specific element. This factor is especially crucial if you own a carpet or pet at home – or even both.


This is because it is common for dirt and grime to remain embedded within the carpet fabric given the high foot traffic it experiences. Factor in the constant shedding of pet hair from your furry companion, and your carpet soon becomes a breeding ground for various germs and bacteria.


As such, it is essential that your desired vacuum cleaner packs a punch to ensure it can eliminate the soil and dirt trapped within your carpet, thereby keeping it in tip-top shape. Sending your rug to a carpet cleaning service for a thorough wash in-between your vacuuming sessions is another excellent way to preserve its condition.


2.  Noise level

While modern vacuum cleaners are a far cry from the loud, heavy contraptions of yesteryear, they still generate a fair amount of noise. So if you are living at home with your baby or have thin walls, you should consider choosing a vacuum cleaner within the 60 to 65 decibel range to ensure you can go about your cleaning routines without disturbing your child or neighbours. 


3. Ease of use


Carpet cleaning services Ease of use


It is imperative that your vacuum cleaner is easy and intuitive to use since you will be using this tool regularly. While it’s a given that you should read the manual beforehand to familiarise yourself with your new purchase, you should be able to pick up and use the device immediately if needed. 


The controls should be easily accessible, especially when there is a need to regularly change the settings to match the floor type you are cleaning. Additionally, it should not be a hassle to move your vacuum from one room to the next when you are doing your household chores. 


Lastly, the vacuum should contain an ideal mix of accessories to adapt to any cleaning situation. For example, as any professional upholstery cleaning service would attest, it is vital to use an upholstery tool to vacuum your sofa to avoid damaging the fabric.


4. Bag vs bag-less vacuum cleaners


One of the most important considerations homeowners make when purchasing a vacuum is whether to go with a bag or bag-less construction. Both options come with their pros and cons, so your choice will depend on your preference. 


If you find that it is a hassle to maintain your vacuum cleaner regularly, you should opt for the former option since you can simply detach and remove the bag of dirt after your cleaning session is done. However, you will always require a replaceable bag in hand to replace the old one. 


Conversely, a bag-less vacuum that contains a dust bin is easier to clean since things may get messy while you are swapping the filled bag with an empty one. However, such models may not be suitable for those with severe dust allergies. 


While the pointers we shared are not exhaustive, they should provide you with a better understanding of the factors you should keep in mind when you are out shopping for your new vacuum cleaner. With the right tool, your desire for a clean home is no longer just a pipe dream.


Clean Care is one of the best professional mattress cleaning companies in Singapore. We also provide a comprehensive selection of carpet and rug cleaning services that cater to your every need. Do not hesitate to contact us today if you are interested to learn more about our rates.

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