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How to Prepare Your Office for Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Date Written: 21 Mar 2022


How to Prepare Your Office for Commercial Carpet Cleaning

With the easing of social restrictions, work-from-home is no longer the default setup, and employees are gradually starting to return to the office. Although engagement is limited within the workplace, many are looking forward to seeing their colleagues again after what has been the longest time being cooped up at home. 

For businesses, the slow return to the office signals the need to amp up their cleanliness and safety measures to protect the health of their employees. There will be plenty of foot traffic coming in with dust, dirt, and most likely germs and bacteria, and one that they should prioritise is getting an office carpet cleaning service.

How is Professional Carpet Cleaning Done?

Commercial carpet cleaning is an effective way to remove dirt, dust, and other particles that accumulate in your carpets over time, as well as mould and dust mites that often inhabit dirty rugs. If you have carpets anywhere in your office, you must have them professionally cleaned—ideally, every 3-6 months for high-traffic spaces. But, with lower foot traffic, you can usually get away with 1-2 times a year. Below are the steps you can take to prepare for a visit from your office carpet cleaning service provider in Singapore.


Vacuuming your carpet removes any surface dirt and dust and allows the cleaning solutions to penetrate deep into the fibres. Most carpet cleaners will do it themselves. However, it’s better to ask your cleaner at the time of your booking whether it is included in their service. 

Move Furniture to Allow Full Access to Carpeted Areas

Get your furniture—desks, chairs, cabinets, etc.—out of the way and any miscellaneous items off the floor. These include your appliances, office supplies, and files to name a few. Commercial carpet cleaners use heavy-duty machinery, and with clutter in their way, it would be difficult to get their job done and fully access the carpeted areas. 

Pin-Up Draperies 

Any curtains or draperies that touch the floor should be pinned up, with at least 6 inches of clearance. It also applies to any upholstered furniture or tablecloths. Otherwise, they can absorb strong carpet cleaning solutions or get caught in the equipment, both of which may damage their fabric. 

Again, it’s good to ask your carpet cleaner whether they handle these tasks for you. Upon arrival, they will inspect your carpet to determine the best approach to clean them. You can discuss with your cleaning professional about the spills that have stained your carpets if there are any, as well as the problem areas that you want to be focused on most. 

Hiring professionals for commercial carpet cleaning not only ensures cleanliness and safety in the workplace but will also add several years to the life of your carpets, thus helping you save money in the long run. For premium quality carpet cleaning service in Singapore, get in touch with us today at Clean Care.

Frequently Asked Questions About Office Carpet Cleaning 

How often should carpets be shampooed? 

Professional carpet cleaners recommend cleaning your carpets 4 times a year for high-traffic areas. But, for lighter traffic areas e.g. conference rooms, 2 times a year should do the trick. 

Do carpets need to be vacuumed before cleaning?

Vacuuming your office carpets before professional cleaning will help remove loose dirt and any particles that have been tracked into the workplace. This should help the carpet cleaning solutions penetrate deep into the fibres and clean the carpet effectively. 

How long should you stay off the carpet after cleaning? 

Ideally, you should keep off the carpet for at least 6 hours after cleaning to allow it to dry completely and avoid tracking in dirt. However, if you must walk across the carpet, wait at least 30 minutes after cleaning—remove your shoes and wear socks to protect the carpet.


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