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Is A Mattress Protector Sufficient In Maintaining A Clean Mattress?

Date Written: 12 Mar 2021


There are things in our home that we wish would last a lifetime. Hence, we try to take care of them and protect them from any damage by investing in additional covers or accessories. As for your bed, a mattress protector might be the most recommended accessory that you must have if you want to extend its lifespan. However, with what seemed to be a perpetual debate on whether it is effective or not, you might be thinking twice about getting one for your mattress. So, you might be weighing your options of whether you should get a mattress protector or get regular mattress cleaning services instead. Well, this article will discuss what a mattress protector can contribute to maintaining your mattress clean.


What is a Mattress Protector?


From the name itself, mattress protectors do exactly as the name suggests: protect your mattress. It is made from materials of polyester, down, and cotton that may also contain waterproofing materials, such as vinyl or polyurethane. Although it comes in a variety of sizes and styles, each of them has the role of protecting you and your mattress from sleeping problems.


A clean mattress promotes good sleep, and a typical human being needs at least seven to nine hours of sleep every night. Getting those quality hours of sleep every night should be enough reason why you have to be making investments and services in protecting your mattress from attracting hazards, such as bed bugs and dust mites. Letting them shelter in your mattress not only degrade their quality but can also disrupt your sleeping pattern.


Manufacturers produce these protectors as a tool to combat the wear and tear of your mattress. Considering that you shed plenty of dead skin cells and the way your pet’s hairs can live in your mattress, a protector will serve as the barrier to prevent them from infesting it!


However, it does not mean that you should abandon the idea of getting professional mattress cleaning. Investing in mattress protectors are only secondary to the protection that a cleaning mattress service provides!


Mattress Cleaning as a Primary Solution


Although some mattress protectors are breathable, other ones may not. As a result, you would experience night sweats. Common as it is, the discomfort can cause anyone to have a disruptive sleep. Excessive perspiration overtime can be too much that it will eventually come in contact with your mattress. We all know how bad it is to let water dry on its surface. This, together with bed bugs and dust mites, can be the cause of the infection and destruction of your mattress. Therefore, getting regular cleaning services is the solution you need. With mattress cleaning, you will:


1. Reduce the risk of allergies


No one can sleep in an itchy condition. What might be triggering this reaction could be your allergy to the dust mites and fungi that have accumulated in the corners and folds of your mattress. This should not be something worrying because it will take a professional cleaning to get rid of these harmful bacteria!


2. Have improved indoor air quality


Maintaining a healthy indoor air quality in your bedroom is necessary to get your needed hours of sleep. Dust particles that cause throat and eye irritation can come from your mattress, but a mattress cleaning service can do the trick of eliminating these contaminants that affect your sleep at night.


3. Extend your mattress’ lifespan


While many factors can contribute to the degradation of your mattress, a quality one can stand the test of time, especially if you take it to cleaners regularly! If done so, you would be enjoying the comfort of your mattress for an average of its seven to ten years lifespan.


Investing in Clean Care’s Mattress Cleaning Services


While a mattress protector is an easy purchase, expert cleaning will go a long way to protecting your mattress from infestation and possible destruction. Here, at Clean Care, you can rely on our effective mattress cleaning in Singapore. We ensure that every night with your mattress gives you quality sleep to prepare you for a productive day ahead!


Allow our group of experts give you specialised treatments for your mattress problems. You can know more about how we can eliminate dust mite, stains, and odours on your bed by visiting our website.


Send us a message to get a complimentary quotation today!

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