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It’s An Investment: Why Your Sofa Needs Professional Cleaning

Date Written: 14 Aug 2019


Many times you may not be able to see signs of dirt, dust, and stain on your upholstery, but it doesn’t mean that your furniture is completely clean.


Much like your carpets, your upholstered furniture—your sofa, in particular—tends to attract and accumulate dirt, dust, hair, dead skin cells, and other substances that are almost invisible to the naked eye. Over time, these contaminants can cause your investment to look old and worn out, making regular cleaning quite necessary.


However, while you can clean your furniture yourself, you can’t deny that it doesn’t compare to the quality and benefits professional upholstery cleaning services can offer.



5 Reasons Your Sofa Needs Professional Upholstery Cleaning Services


1. Remove Old Stains

The most obvious reason for a professional clean is to effectively remove old and stubborn stains. While stains are relatively easy to remove when new, it can be a completely different story when they’re allowed to dry and settle deep into the fabric. It’s better to hire an upholstery cleaning professional than risk damaging your furniture due to your lack of knowledge and proper cleaning tools.


2. Eliminate Odours

It’s not merely stains that settle in your furniture, but odours too. With everyday usage, spilt food and bacterial growth can result in bad odours that are quite difficult to remove with normal cleaning—and while you can always apply air freshener liberally, all it does is to mask the musty smell. On the contrary, a professional clean will not only remove the stain but the odours alongside it, leaving your furniture looking and smelling great.


3. Extend Furniture Life

The specks of dust and dirt in your sofa act like sandpaper that weakens its fibres, causing damage over time. Many times, this damage will push you to replace your furniture earlier than expected. But, rather than purchasing, investing in a professional clean is a better alternative in all respects. It will help prevent these specks to accumulate, keeping your sofa looking like new for years.


4. Improve Indoor Air Quality

Regular vacuuming may remove contaminants on your upholstery surface. However, they may do so little in the allergen particles (e.g. dust mites, dust, and dirt) that settled deep into your sofa. While they aren’t particularly harmful, they can be for kids and anyone with eczema, asthma, or other breathing problems. Engaging the help of cleaning professionals can limit the number of allergens present in the air and your sofa thus, greatly improving the indoor air quality.


5. Protect Investment

Cleaning professionals have the latest equipment and high-quality products to clean your upholstery and remove stains effectively—and hiring them means you get access to their time-tested methods and know-how in cleaning upholstery of different fabrics and colours. It will not only guarantee to restore your sofa to its original beauty but to also protect your investment for a long time.


Hiring professional upholstery cleaning services is better as compared to doing it yourself in terms of money, time-saved, and results.


Protect your investment today by enlisting the help of our cleaning professionals at Clean Care. We provide quality sofa cleaning services in Singapore that will guarantee to leave your sofa looking and smelling like new again!


Get a free quotation today!

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