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Maintaining a Clean Carpet Can Help Ensure Your Pet Hygiene

Date Written: 21 Oct 2020


Whether you recently owned a pet or already a pet owner yourself, you might be wondering how you would keep your carpet clean and your pet’s healthy at the same time. Indeed, these two things are not simple tasks to achieve. Trying to clean up stubborn dander and foul smells alone are enough to make us give up. So, specifically, how would you do it without neglecting either one of the two. As a carpet cleaning services provider, we would like to share with you our safe carpet cleaning tips. That way, you can keep a carpet clean and have a healthy pet. Here are those tips below.


A Healthy Dog on a Clean Carpet



How Does Maintaining a Clean Carpet Keep Our Pet’s Healthy?


1. Keep Your Pet’s Paws Dry


We know how lovely our pet is, but their playfulness can leave paw prints on our carpet. It can happen whenever they run back and forth after you walk them. To avoid this from happening, it is good to pat their paws with a towel before letting them inside. Or perhaps, leave a towel close to the entrance so their feet will be dried after stepping on it. Either of the two can help to keep their paws dry and your carpet well maintained.


2. Apply a Scotch Guard Non-Resistant


More so, if your carpet has been with you for years. Applying this would add protection to its fibre and structure, preventing the liquid from leaving a stain. What a carpet cleaning services provider usually does is to spray this after cleaning it, making sure not to leave a spot behind.


3. Trim Your Pet’s Nails


Even though the claw of your pet does not leave any mark on the carpet, it may damage it. More so, if they have long, sharp nails, causing the carpet to run its fibre. It can also cause infection if your pet loves to scratch. To not allow any of these to happen, you should trim their nails every three to four weeks. This will help in your pet hygiene as well as the condition of your carpets.


4. Vacuum Thrice a Week


Vacuuming your carpet is not just for your allergies, but for your pet, too! You see, when they inhale dust and other microscopic particles, they can get seizures and bad reactions. Thus, you should vacuum your carpet so they would not inhale anything harmful to their health.


5. Sprinkle a Carpet Powder


Does your carpet smell unpleasant? If so, sprinkling a generous amount of carpet powder could get rid of the foul odour away. However, before you drizzle some of this, vacuum the carpet a few times to properly remove the dust and other microscopic particles.


6. Steam Clean Once a Month


You can do this by using a vapour clean steamer. However, if you do not have one, get a carpet shampoo service in Singapore instead. Either of the two can eliminate the embedded contaminants on the carpet.


7. Use an Area Rug


Adding this beside their bed would prevent your pet from sleeping on your carpet. Thus, expect there will be less dander falling off, but in exchange you should still wash this area rug regularly. Perhaps, once a week.


8. Watch What Your Pet Eats


All pets love to eat, especially dogs. They would attempt to eat almost anything they see on your carpet. Sometimes, those can be harmful for their health. Thus, to not let that happen, better watch out what they eat on the floor. To do that, pick up your crumbs that would fall right away.


At Clean Care, we advise you to apply these safe carpet cleaning tips at home in Singapore. That way, you can keep your carpet clean and have a healthy pet. However, if you have more questions in mind, give us a call at any time!


What else should we do to keep our carpet clean and have a healthy pet? If you have something to share, then feel free to write your thoughts on the comment section below.

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