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More than Wiping: How to Maintain a Leather Sofa

Date Written: 27 Jun 2019


A handsome, leather sofa is luxurious, but also expensive, for sure. Hence, if you own one, it’s understandable that you’d want it to last a lifetime.


Of course, wear and tear are inevitable. But, keeping your leather sofa is relatively easy if you follow the proper steps. In fact, when done effectively, it will only improve your furniture with age, like a fine wine.


How to Care for and Maintain Your Leather Sofa

The best way to look at leather is to think of it as if it’s human skin. It’s natural, breathable, and requires proper care and maintenance in order to look its best.


If you don’t know where to start, we created this guide that details how to clean and maintain your leather furniture.


General Leather Cleaning Tips

Under normal usage, regular dusting and vacuuming are all that’s necessary to clean your leather furniture—and to maintain the look of your leather, you’ll want to keep it well away from the sun and direct light because, like any other upholstery material, leather can fade to some degree due to sun exposure.


Applying a leather cream at least every month is also necessary to condition the leather and keep it soft and supple. It’s the same product that can help you easily clean up dirt and stains, too.


Scratches and Stains

In terms of dealing with scratches and stains, on the other hand, you’d want to skip DIY remedies and keep things simple. Otherwise, you could be causing more damage to your sofa that may risk voiding its warranty so, the best thing you can do is to prevent stains and scratches from happening in the first place.


  • For minor spills, wipe any excess liquid immediately with a clean, dry cloth. If necessary, use a slightly moistened cloth to further clean the stained spot and let it air-dry.
  • For oil or grease stains, wipe off the excess with a clean, dry cloth and leave the stain to dissipate into the leather.
  • Do not use any harsh soaps, ammonia, cleaning solvents, or detergents to clean the stain as all these products may actually be more damaging to the leather than the stain itself.
  • If the stain persists, it’s better to call for a professional leather sofa cleaning service to avoid damaging the leather further.
  • For minor scratches, buff the leather surface using a chamois cloth. If the scratch remains, try rubbing a small amount of distilled water into the scratch and blot with a clean, dry cloth.


Invest in Professional Protection

Leather is hardy upholstery material that, if properly cared for, will only look better over time. Besides your regular cleaning routine, you should also look at investing in professional upholstery cleaning services. Hiring a professional makes the more sense if your leather sofa is high-quality and expensive as it will not only protect your furniture but your investment as well.


Clean Care offers a wide range of leather sofa cleaning services in Singapore such as a conditioning treatment that’s designed to maintain the look and texture of your leather and to keep its colour from fading. Being equipped with the most advanced cleaning solutions, knowledge, and expertise, we also deal with different stains and spots so you can rest assured that we can remove every type of stain on your sofa.


Get in touch with us today! Contact us at 6240 685 or visit our website to learn more.

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