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Spring Cleaning Checklist: Your Ultimate Deep Clean Schedule

Date Written: 26 Dec 2019


There’s probably no more satisfying than a deeply cleaned home.


As the Chinese New Year approaches, we take the time off to spend quality time with the family—travel abroad, attend reunions, go on vacation to name a few—but, more so to spring clean.


It is said that spring cleaning is a way to sweep out the old to usher in the new. More than a refreshed home, the goal here is to get rid of any bad energy we have accumulated in our homes for the past year so we can welcome in luck and prosperity—and make sure they linger throughout the year.


Go beyond the weekly dusting and sweeping, get your home deep-cleaned in time for the Lunar New Year! As a professional carpet cleaner in Singapore, we created a checklist of the tasks you have to accomplish to achieve a spotless home for the new year and beyond.



The Ultimate Spring Cleaning Checklist



  • Overall Cleaning Tasks


Clean Walls and Ceilings – Dust the ceiling to remove cobwebs and dust; wipe off grease and grime that has built upon the walls, particularly in the kitchen.


Shampoo Carpets and Rugs – Aside from vacuuming your carpets and rugs on regular days, don’t forget to have them professionally cleaned during spring cleaning or at least twice a year.


Clean Upholstered Furniture – Beat the cushions to remove dust and vacuum area underneath them. For grime and stains, check their care labels for cleaning instructions.

NOTE: Aside from regular cleaning, we also recommend professional furniture and upholstery cleaning at least once every 6 months; during spring cleaning might be the best time to do so.


Dust Thoroughly – Dust every part of your home, including hard-to-reach places, such as the top of the shelves or the tight spots in your home. Work your way from top to bottom, inside and out.


Clean Windows and Window Treatments – Scrub window screens with a brush and detergent. Don’t forget to wash curtains and draperies, or wipe blinds as well.


Sweep, Vacuum, and Mop Floors – More than keeping your floors clean, sweeping, vacuuming and mopping can help get rid of debris that can cause scratches to it.


Declutter – Organise your wardrobe, clean out the cabinets, and toss any items you no longer use: old clothes, toys, broken appliances. Make sure to relocate anything that doesn’t belong in a room.


Repair Any Damage – Whether it’s a leak in the faucet, broken window glass, termite damage, or missing roof shingles, don’t let them go unnoticed this spring cleaning. Get them repaired ASAP.


Now that we have addressed the general tasks that have to be done in every part of the home, we focus on the room-specific tasks you shouldn’t forget during spring cleaning.



  • Cleaning the Kitchen

Organise cabinets

Check pantry for expired food

Deep clean appliances (oven, refrigerator, etc.)

Sanitise the sink, trash can, cutting boards, etc.



  • Cleaning the Living Room

Polish furniture and metal hardware

Organise appliances and accessories

Remove scuff marks from doors and mouldings



  • Cleaning the Bedroom

Wash the bedding

Flip the mattress

Organise your wardrobe



  • Cleaning the Bathroom

Clean and disinfect shower and tub

Wash mats and rugs

Replace shower curtains and liners



  • Miscellaneous

Check batteries in smoke and gas detectors

Check expiration dates on fire extinguishers

Update first aid kit

Replace light bulbs

Schedule pest control maintenance



This checklist should help you kickstart your spring cleaning and finish in time for all the festivities you have to attend to. To make spring cleaning faster and a little lighter next year, we advise you to establish a regular cleaning schedule.


Remember to engage the help of a professional carpet cleaning company for an extra hand! Visit Clean Care to get a complimentary quotation today.

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