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Stay Home, Stay Safe: How to Sanitise Your Home During the COVID-19 Outbreak

Date Written: 13 Apr 2020


The COVID-19 outbreak has got everyone staying at home.


As concerns about the spread of the virus grow and the urge to practice social distancing continues, staying at home is the new normal as part of our efforts to flatten the curve.  If there’s one thing we are all doing more today, it’s washing our hands, and keeping ourselves germ-free.


But, while these safety measures are non-negotiable, what about the efforts will you do for your home? As we take shelter at home to protect our families from the global pandemic, Clean Care, an upholstery cleaning service provider in Singapore, is here to advise on what you can do to keep your home free from the virus.


How to Keep Your Home Clean During COVID-19


Cleaning a home during a virus outbreak means we have to take things up a notch.


All surfaces have to be cleaned first and then disinfected—wipe them to remove dirt, dust particles, and germs with soapy water before disinfecting with an antibacterial product. A diluted household bleach solution or an alcohol-based disinfectant with at least 70% alcohol will be good enough as an effective cleaning solution.


Of all the items in your home, you should focus more on disinfecting those that are frequently touched:


  • tables and counter tops
  • doorknobs and handles
  • light switches
  • computers, mobiles, and other devices
  • remote controls and game consoles
  • toilets, faucets, and sinks


Carpets, rugs, or anything that absorbs bodily fluids should also be cleaned more often. If you think that regular washing or steaming is not sufficient, try looking for a professional carpet cleaning in Singapore. The same goes for your beddings and linens: bedsheets, pillow covers, and curtains can go to the washing machine for a warm wash cycle and your mattress to a professional mattress cleaning service.


In the living room and kitchen, where your family spends the most time, you can be a little more generous on the disinfectant, wiping every surface, sterilising items, and mopping the floor twice daily. The bathroom should also be deep cleaned daily to make sure that you’re not missing out any spot.


What Else Can You Do to Keep Your Home Clean?


Isolate Sick Family Members

In case a family member is ill, dedicate a specific room and bathroom for them to limit contact with the rest of the family members. If a separate bathroom is not available, be sure to clean and disinfect the area after each use by the sick member. It’s best if they are isolated for the meantime, even if it’s not a COVID-19 case.


Wear Gloves When Cleaning

In the event that a surface has been contaminated with the virus, you will want to make sure you are protected. Wear disposable gloves and make sure not to touch any additional surfaces while cleaning, otherwise, you risk further spreading the virus. This further illustrates the need for professional upholstery cleaning services for the safe handling of contaminated items in your home.


Wash Your Groceries

No matter how you get your groceries—in-store purchase or home delivery—you will want to handle them carefully when you take them inside. Wash cans and cartons of food before storing them, if possible, throw out disposable packaging, to reduce possible virus spread. For fruits and vegetables, scrub them for at least 20 seconds with soapy water.


Clean Care Can Help

Amidst the COVID-19 outbreak, your best protection would be to keep your home as clean as possible. While it means more cleaning time, if it means that you can keep the virus at bay, then it’s a time worth taking.


Our cleaning technicians at Clean Care can help you maintain a clean and sanitised environment. We provide you with superior solutions and upholstery cleaning services to keep your home cleaner and healthier during the virus outbreak.


Stay home, stay safe! Together, we will win against COVID-19.

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