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Tips to remove paint stains from your sofas and carpets

Date Written: 27 May 2022


You might have just freshened up your home with a new coat of paint, or perhaps the kids decided to do their painting artwork on your newly bought carpet. Even though the floor had already been carefully covered with drop cloths or plastic sheeting, drips and drops of paint still somehow managed to reach the carpeting underneath. It’s frustrating, but the good news is that more often than not, you can remove paint stains from your furniture using only a handful of everyday household items. Clean Care are the experts in carpet cleaning services in Singapore, and here are some tricks to get those paint stains out of your carpet or sofa!


Act quickly


Time is of the essence when it comes to paint stains. It is important to act quickly once you’ve noticed it, because paint becomes more challenging to remove once it dries, increasing the chances of creating a permanent stain. Contain the spill by surrounding it with paper towels or cloths and then blot up as much as possible without rubbing. Test any cleaners in an inconspicuous area before applying and if some small, dried paint pieces remain stuck to the carpet, cut them carefully off with scissors.


How to get rid of acrylic paint


Spilling acrylic paint on your sofa or carpeted floor can feel like a disaster. You can’t throw either into the washing machine, so what should you do in such circumstances? For a quick carpet cleaning solution, add glycerin to the stain and then gently blot it up. Use a knife or something with a hard edge to scrape all the excess off, carefully cleaning the knife after each pass. Remove any remaining residue with rubbing alcohol and follow up with water and a mild detergent. Absorb the paint with a sponge until gone and vacuum once dry.


Removing oil-based paints


Oil-based paint is the hardest type of paint to remove from carpets and sofas. Oil and water repel each other and oil-based paint tends to have a thicker texture, taking on average longer to remove and will require a more thorough cleaning. To remove oil-based paint, immediately apply turpentine or mineral spirits to the stain before it dries. For stains that have dried, try turpentine to make the stain soluble again and then blot up with paper towels. Use rubbing alcohol to remove any remaining residue and go over with a mild detergent and water with a sponge to thoroughly clean the stain. Alternatively, you may also consider engaging a rug cleaning service or a professional sofa cleaning service in Singapore for a more thorough job done. 


Removing latex or water-based paints


If you want to remove water based paint from carpets or sofas, use a small amount of water or vinegar to blot after removing the initial spill. Then use a mild detergent to clean the remaining paint and rinse carefully with water. Avoid using too much water as water-based paints can spread more easily that way. 


Enlist the help of experts



Some types of paint, including washable and spray paints, are extremely difficult to remove and could prove too hard to remove on your own. If your carpet or sofa suffers from a particularly tough paint stain, then perhaps it’s time to let the professionals handle it. 


Trust the cleaning experts at Clean Care for any stains you might be unsure of cleaning. Reach out to find out more today!

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