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Tried and Proven Ways to Remove Dust Mites in Your Sofa

Date Written: 03 Aug 2021


One of the most harrowing sights you may never want to see at your household are crawling dust mites on your couch. These bugs don’t just look disturbing, but they can also cause alarming health risks like asthma and allergies to everyone living with you. So, better get sofa cleaning services in Singapore now before these pests give you more problems in the future.


Manage dust mite problems with SG sofa cleaning services


But there are also numerous ways to manage your issues while waiting for the pest experts to arrive. You may already be familiar with them, but a refresher would help in case these bugs showed up on your sofa again. Here are some of those efficient practices you can do at home to keep your couch free from these distressing dust mites:


Extensive Couch Sanitation

Start with the most effective way to get rid of these discomforting bugs on your couch: do your extensive couch sanitation. It usually involves its cushion, fabric, and other stuffing that you must disinfect regularly. Best to have professional sofa cleaning equipment like vacuum or steam cleaners to remove dust mites effectively.


But you can always do your traditional wet-wash practices if you don’t have these cleaning devices available at your home. All you need to do is remove its washable covers and soak it in hot water for several minutes to kill off these bugs. It’s also a safe way to sanitise your couch coverings without using harsh chemical solutions available nowadays.


Use Natural Resources

Apart from hot water, you can also use other natural resources like essential oils that ward off dust mites at your home. These include options like eucalyptus and tea tree oil that you can readily spray on your infested seat. You may only need to confirm if such quick fixes are safe with your leather sofa cleaning service.


It is also advisable to air your sofa out after washing or sanitising them using these ready-to-use solutions. Never let your wet couch sit inside your home since it can be a perfect breeding ground for dust mites. Best to bring it outside and dry it out under the sun to prevent these bugs from thriving beneath your seat.


Lower Humidity Level

As mentioned, dust mites usually live in damp and humid spots inside your home. You may even see them in obscure areas like the insides of your sofa that recently got cleaning services in Singapore. That’s why it’s always crucial to keep your couch dry to avoid moisture developing from within.


Another way to decrease the humidity level inside your home is by using dehumidifiers. Install them on damp areas in your place or near your sofa if you want to keep your seat moisture-free. You should also remove things around your couch area that can hinder proper air ventilation essential to dry out your seat.


Keep Pets Off

It may surprise you at first, but home pets are also potential carriers of these irritating bugs. These include your dogs, cats, and other furry companions that may shed their dander on your couch. Dust mites usually flourish on these allergens that you must manage with professional sofa cleaning solutions immediately.


But you can always choose to groom them regularly if you can’t keep them off your sofa. You only need to ensure that you also control the fur shedding issue efficiently. There are available flake removal sprays in the market you can use to lessen the flakes they shed unexpectedly.


Trust the Experts

Nonetheless, wait for the sofa cleaning services you got in Singapore to guarantee your comfort in managing your dust mite problems at home. You can even make it more worthwhile if you choose to get them from legitimate and experienced couch cleaners from Clean Care.


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