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Sofa Cleaning services Singapore by Clean Care

What You Should Know Before Engaging A Sofa Cleaning Service

Date Written: 07 Oct 2022


Sofas are among the key home furniture that add value to your home interior design. Purchasing quality sofas can cost a significant sum depending on their material, size, comfort level and other factors. When it comes to cleanliness and maintenance, you may overlook the dirt and dust accumulated on your sofa especially if they are not noticeable. In fact, sofas require regular cleaning as they can easily become a breeding site for germs and bacteria. The cleaning process also ensures the sofa will last as long as possible. Nonetheless, the majority of homeowners barely have time to carry out this time-consuming and tedious chore. Thankfully, hiring a professional sofa cleaning service provider can save them from all the hassle. Before engaging a sofa cleaning company, here is what you should take note of:


  1. Transparent pricing policy


When looking for a sofa cleaning service provider, do evaluate if they establish a transparent pricing policy. This is important because you do not want to pay extra for unnecessary costs. An ethical sofa cleaning company should clearly list out all the charging rates for their services. They should clarify how cleaning costs may vary depending on the size of the sofa, service frequency, location and other factors. If there are additional charges incurred, the cleaning service company should inform the client in advance and obtain their consent first before proceeding.


  1. Proper credentials and operating licence 


To ensure your sofa cleaning service providers deliver high standards of cleaning service and professional work attitude, verifying their credentials including their operating licence is key. This is to prevent you from hiring illegal companies or those that may be engaged in any kind of fraudulent practices.


In Singapore, the National Environment Agency (NEA) has introduced a Cleaning Business Licence to raise employment standards in the cleaning sector. Starting from September 2014, businesses that provide general cleaning services at premises or any public places are mandated to be licensed. The Licence requires renewal annually. Sofa cleaning service companies that operate without a valid licence will be imposed with maximum penalties of S$10,000.


  1. Plan your budget and service frequency beforehand


What is the maximum budget you plan to spend on sofa cleaning and how often do you want the job to be done? These are some of the questions you may want to ask yourself before engaging sofa cleaning services in Singapore. It is recommended to consult your sofa cleaning contractor to find the service package that suits your budget and requirements the most.


  1. Experience and expertise


The experience a sofa cleaning company possesses should be taken into account. Hiring a reputable and established cleaner ensures your sofa looks its best. Experienced sofa cleaning service providers know exactly what products and methods work best when it comes to cleaning your sofa. They also have the right tools and know-how to carry out the job, leaving it clean and germ-free. 


  1. Customer feedback and reviews


The service quality, work attitude, professionalism and other metrics will be reflected through customer feedback and reviews, which can usually be found on the official website of a sofa cleaning service provider. This explains why you should take the time to read reviews and check the sofa cleaning company’s ratings. This enables you to understand what the experience will be like if you hire that particular firm.


Professional sofa cleaning by Clean Care


All in all, the appearance of your sofa contributes to the overall aesthetic of your living room. A germ-free and clean sofa improves your living quality. Employing a sofa cleaning company not only helps you to save time and hassle, but also gives you peace of mind. With their professionalism, you will be able to enjoy a fresh and clean sofa without worrying about hygiene concerns like exposure to allergens and pollutants.


At Clean Care, we strive to maintain our client’s carpet and sofa, extending the longevity of their service life and providing a hygienic living environment. Contact us now to get a quotation of our quality service!

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