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3 Sofa Cleaning Techniques Used by Singapore's Best Professional Cleaners

3 Sofa Cleaning Techniques Used by Singapore’s Best Professional Cleaners

Date Written: 29 May 2023


Apart from providing comfort, sofas also play a crucial role in adding to the overall aesthetics of your living space. As a central element of any living room, it is essential to maintain and clean your sofas regularly to preserve their appearance. This is where the services of professional sofa cleaners become invaluable. They are effective and convenient, helping to ensure your sofas are always in their best shape. In this article, let’s take a deep dive into the top three sofa cleaning techniques deployed by professional cleaners in Singapore.


1. Steam Cleaning


Steam cleaning is a highly effective method of removing dirt, stubborn stains, and odours from your sofa by using hot water and steam to penetrate deep into the fabric. This technique is particularly useful in eliminating tough stains like coffee or wine. As one of the most popular sofa cleaning methods in Singapore, it is also a safe and eco-friendly method as it does not involve the use of harsh chemicals that can potentially harm the environment or pose health risks to your family. During the cleaning process, Singapore’s best professional cleaners use high-quality steam cleaning machines that produce high-pressure steam to clean your sofa. Dirt and grime get  loosened as steam is injected into the fabric of your sofa, while a powerful vacuum works hand in hand to extract the dirt and excess moisture. The principal is to have a high-temperature steam break down the stain molecules, easing the subsequent dirt removal step. Generally, steam cleaning is suitable for those who prefer  deep cleaning without the use of harsh chemicals.


2. Dry Cleaning


Dry cleaning is a gentler method of cleaning your sofa. Its mild nature allows for regular upkeep of your sofa without causing damage. It is ideal for sofas with intricate designs or those that cannot be moved easily, or those made of delicate fabrics that may be prone to damage by water or steam. Professional sofa cleaning service providers in Singapore use a dry cleaning solvent that is sprayed onto the fabric of your sofa in the first step of cleaning. The removal process is made easier once the solvent breaks down dirt and stains. The professional will then use a vacuum to extract the solvent, leaving your sofa clean and fresh.


3. Foam Cleaning


This cleaning technique involves applying a foam solution to your sofa, which is then vacuumed away. Foam cleaning is gentle enough to be used on a regular basis, and is also ideal for people who may be allergic or sensitive to certain types of chemicals. As the first step, professional cleaners usually apply a specially formulated foam solution to the fabric of your sofa. The foam is then left to penetrate the fabric, breaking down dirt and stains. After the dirt dissolves, a powerful vacuum will be used to extract the foam and dirt. Before hiring sofa cleaning services, make sure to consult them and determine which cleaning technique is the most suitable for your sofa.


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Regular maintenance and cleaning are essential to preserve the appearance of your sofa. Professional cleaners in Singapore offer various sofa cleaning techniques, including the ones mentioned above, to cater to different needs and preferences. Be it a deep clean with steam or a gentle clean with foam, professional cleaners possess the know-how and years of working experience to ensure your sofa is always clean, fresh, and in good hands.


Clean Care provides mattress, upholstery and sofa cleaning services in Singapore. We are committed to providing a seamless cleaning experience for both commercial and residential properties. Contact us now to find out more.

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