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fabric sofa cleaning services

5 Tips For Cleaning Your Upholsteries Such As Fabric & Leather Sofas

Date Written: 20 Oct 2021


Upholsteries like sofas with padded seats with a fabric or leather cover often trap the most dust, dirt and oil due to the materials’ porous nature. All these gunk tend to build up over the years, causing skin allergies, respiratory issues and unsightly stains on the furniture. 


Fortunately, there are professional sofa cleaning companies out there that are equipped with the best cleaning methods to help breathe new life into your sofas. 


At the same time, it is worthy to note that coupling these occasional upholstery cleaning services with maintenance on your end will increase the lifespan of your sofas further. 


If you have no idea how, here are five tips in maintaining your fabric or leather sofa


1. Avoid direct sunlight


Harsh ultraviolet rays from sunlight can be very damaging to the fine fabrics that your sofa is made of. Sunlight breaks down the chemicals of the fabric dyes, causing permanent discolouration which usually costs a bomb to restore. 


An easy way to prevent that is to simply place your fabric sofa away from direct sunlight or use blinds and curtains to prevent sunlight from seeping in during the day. 

Pair this simple maintenance tip with fabric sofa cleaning services to deep clean once in a while and you will find that your sofa looks speckless and as good as new.


2. Vacuum and spot clean


professional sofa cleaning services


Just like how you vacuum the floor every few days to remove all the dust, your sofa will need the same treatment too, even if it means only doing it once every few weeks. Take note that you should always sanitise the vacuum attachment before you use it on your sofa to prevent transferring the dirt and bacteria from the floor to your couch. 


You may also wish to spot clean any stains immediately instead of waiting for your next upholstery cleaning service so as to prevent it from embedding itself further into your sofa, making it harder to remove completely. Common stains like coffee and grease can be easily removed from dishwashing liquid soap or baking soda. 


But when dealing with expensive and delicate materials like leather, it would probably be a good idea to get a professional leather sofa cleaning service in Singapore to get the job done instead. 


3. Fluff up the cushions


This is another tip that does not require too much effort but makes a big difference. 


As the cushions on your sofa are leaned and sat on every day, they go out of shape easily and quickly. So fluffing them up by lightly punching them helps to retain their original shape, making your upholstery look like it was just purchased yesterday. 


4. Spray a fabric protector


spraying solution sofa cleaning services


While there are many ways to clean and remove stains on a sofa such as using homemade solutions and hiring an upholstery cleaning service, why not do something to prevent it from even happening in the first place?


Pretreat your sofa with a fabric protector so that it leaves a shield over the fibres to keep spills from absorbing into the material as quickly. This gives you time to swiftly get a paper towel to blot spillages up before they stain. 


However, that does not mean it keeps your sofa from getting dirty. Dirt and dust will still be found in the cushions and deep down the fabric so make sure you hire an upholstery cleaning service for a deep clean at least twice a year.


5. Blotting is your best friend


The temptation to scrub hard at stains on your sofa is real but that is only going to do more harm than good as being too rough can damage the material of your upholstery. Instead, blot up any spillages or stains with a paper towel to keep them from being absorbed deep into the fabric. 

Rubbing too intensely will also drive the stain further into the fabric – a big no-no! 


Keep these tips in the back of your mind to make your sofas withstand the test of time. But if need to hire an upholstery cleaning service soon for a deep cleaning session, try Clean Care. We provide professional sofa cleaning services that will surely meet your expectations. Get in touch with us today.

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