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6 Daily Cleaning Habits that Will Keep Your Home Immaculate All the Time

Date Written: 09 Jan 2020


We are guilty of procrastinating cleaning at some time or another. If it’s not the baskets full of dirty laundry, it’s probably the stain that has dried on your couch a week ago that you’re completely ignoring.


But, did you know?


Cleaning your home regularly offers a wealth of benefits, the most obvious of which is keeping your home tidy and organised all the time. It can also cut your cleaning time in half by the time you have to deep clean your home—particularly during spring cleaning.


As a carpet cleaning service provider in Singapore, we share with you 6 daily cleaning habits that can keep your home clean and save you from some work.



Wash the Dishes After Each Meal


More than being unsanitary, letting the dirty dishes sit in the sink until you have nothing left to use can feel overwhelming. Wash them immediately after every meal. The same goes for cleaning up every time you cook.



Wash One Load of Laundry Per Day


It doesn’t necessarily have to be every day but preferably as soon as you have a full load of dirty laundry to wash. Put the load in the machine in the morning, turn it on when you get home from work, put it away, and call it a day.



Clean As You Go


Don’t give yourself extra work to do the next day. If your bedroom, living room, or kitchen is a mess, make sure to clean it up before leaving. The time spent resetting them to a clean state gets them ready for you to enjoy the next day.



Minimise the Dirt that Goes In


Keeping your home clean should involve taking the preemptive steps to keep them from getting dirty in the first place. Place doormats at every door and avoid wearing shoes outside your home.



Create a Cleaning Schedule


Every day a little something. Whether you decide to clean one room a day or do it all one day a week, a cleaning schedule can minimise the clutter in your home, if not keep it immaculate all the time.


Make sure to include in your cleaning schedule when to call for professional carpet and rug cleaning service. The same goes for other chores that require professional help such as HVAC cleaning and/or plumbing repairs.


Habits are formed by doing them regularly. Spending some time to clean your home a little every day can help you stay on top of the game without it feeling like a burden.


Follow this daily cleaning routine and you’ll have a clean and tidy home in no time!


How do you keep your home immaculate all the time? Share some of your most useful tips by leaving a comment!

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