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How To Keep Your Carpet Clean When You Have Pets At Home

How To Keep Your Carpet Clean When You Have Pets At Home

Date Written: 28 Oct 2022


Keeping your carpets clean can be quite the challenge especially if you have pets at home. Afterall, pet dander shedding and stains are not easy to manage. Despite the affection you have for your pets, stinky and dirty carpets should not be tolerated, potentially negatively impacting air quality and health. In this article, we have compiled a list of tips and tricks for you to keep your carpets hygienic, odour-free and fresh. 


1. Trim your pet’s nails regularly


Keeping your pet’s nails as short as possible is a great way to protect your carpet against scratches, prevent the fibres of your carpet from being ruined and eliminate stubborn knots from forming. To trim your pet’s nails, you will need a pet nail clippers/scissors/grinder, flashlight, and paw balsam. If still in doubt, seek professional advice from providers of carpet cleaning services on how to better care for your carpet when you own a pet at home.


2. Wipe your pet’s paws off when they enter


This is preventive maintenance that helps to keep dirt and bacteria out of your home. Whether the ground outdoors is wet or dry, always remember to wipe your furry friends’ paws before letting them in. For your own convenience, keep a towel close to the door so that you can do the wiping work once your pets are ready to come indoors. 


3. Use baking soda to clean dried-up urine spots


The thought of pet urine stains on a carpet is enough to evoke feelings of disgust. However, imagine having to clean it up! Removing dried-up urine spots can be tricky unless you find a workable cleaning method. This is when baking soda comes in handy. Mixing it with other solutions such as dish-washing detergent and hydrogen peroxide, produces a safe and effective cleaning solution. Spray the solution on the urinated spot and leave it for some time. Then, rinse the area with a damp cloth and blot with a dry one until the cleaning solution is gone. 


Use baking soda to clean dried-up urine spots carpet cleaning services in Singapore


4. Hire a professional carpet cleaning service in Singapore 


Engaging a carpet cleaning professional will definitely save hassle in terms of cleaning time, cost of cleaning solutions, accidental damages and more. With their expertise, experience and use of efficient equipment and solutions, extending the lifespan of your carpet is made easy. The majority of carpet manufacturers suggest performing hot water extraction every 12 to 18 months.


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5. Vacuum your carpet regularly


It is recommended to vacuum your carpet at least two times per week even if your pets are not prone to excessive shedding. This is because small amounts of dander can still accumulate, causing unpleasant odours. Vacuuming the areas where your pet plays can help remove any extra pet hair from your carpets. Meanwhile, a carpet refresher in powder form can be used to remove odours. Just vacuum your carpet after sprinkling the powder on it and your carpet should smell good as new!


Keeping your carpet clean with pets in the house is no easy task. Nonetheless, it is not impossible to do so with the aforementioned tips as a guide. We hope you find the tips helpful when it comes to carpet care and maintenance. 


Clean Care provides upholstery and carpet cleaning services in Singapore. We pride ourselves on our high-quality cleaning services. Contact us today to find out more.

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