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Ways to clean your stinky sofa

Practical Ways to Clean Your Stinky Sofa

Date Written: 18 Jun 2021


One of the most common household items you wouldn’t want to face today would be your dirty and smelly couch. These may involve your throw pillows, seat covers, or front skirting that you least expect to get that undesirable scent as well. You might even decide to discard it entirely if you’re already uncertain whether professional sofa cleaning services can still handle it or not.


But why would you spend on getting a brand-new furniture set if you can still manage your stinking issue efficiently? You only need to ask around or do your research to learn more about how you can get rid of its foul smell. Better yet, continue reading through this article to know the different options you could try to clean your reeking couch.


Commercial Products

Begin with the different cleansing products available in the market. These include water-based cleansers, disinfecting sprays, cloth shampoos, and stain removers you can directly apply on your stinking couch. You may even find all-in-one solutions you can use for both your fabric and leather sofa cleaning in Singapore today.


It is only advisable to check on their labels before applying any of these readily available cleaning products. These usually contain cleaning codes that describe the most suitable care solutions you must use on your couch. Always look for these simple instruction tags to avoid damaging your stinky sofa further.


Handy Technologies

It is also essential to know that loose dust and dirt can contribute to your smelly furniture. It also involves your improper couch-eating habit that often leaves food remains to spoil within your cushions. That’s why you should make the most of your handy device to remove these particles from your seats and ensure your successful sofa cleaning in Singapore.


These may involve your vacuum or steam cleaners that wash, disinfect, and freshen your couch in an instant. You may also use your washing machine to remove any foul smell off your pillow and seat covers efficiently. You need to review your sofa care instructions again to only have the appropriate cleaning technologies on hand.


Homemade Mixtures

It may no longer be new to you, but do-it-yourself solutions can also help you manage your stinking couch effectively. These are your typical home-cleaning agents like baking soda, vinegar, and dishwashing soap that can get rid of any disgusting odour naturally. You can also try mixing essential oils on your homemade mixture to add a distinct scent to your seats.


Surprisingly, some of your go-to beverages can also be your trusted DIY disinfectants. These include ever-reliable coffee grounds and vodka that can deodorise your smelly couch after several hours. You may only need to learn more about their proper usage to get the same results you expect on your leather sofa from your cleaning service providers.


Experienced Cleaners

Nonetheless, always trust the experts if you want to restore your couch to its original and unspoiled state in no time. But how could you find one if all of them claim to be the most trusted cleaners today? Well, here are more ways to help you choose your reliable washers now:


  • Best if they can provide you more than their sofa cleaning assistance in Singapore. Check if they can disinfect other home items like rugs, carpets, and mattresses. It would be great if they do these straight from your comforts for your added convenience!
  • Never forget about their cleaning fees and choose one that’s reasonable with their asking rates. Always compare their prices with other providers to gauge whether they’re charging you fairly or not. You may never know; they might end up giving you more discounts once you become their regular client.
  • More than anything else, only partner with reputable cleaners known for their all-inclusive and cost-efficient professional sofa cleaning offers like Clean Care. They also do on-site services for your more convenient couch deodorising option.


Contact us now to learn more about how our experienced cleaners can help you with your stinky couch today!

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