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Practise These Hygienic Routines To Maintain Office Cleanliness

Practise These Hygienic Routines To Maintain Office Cleanliness

Date Written: 07 Nov 2022


As most of us spend our working hours in the office, ensuring good hygiene practices in the workplace is essential. A clean and tidy office empowers a more conducive work environment, which potentially increases employee productivity and retention. Good hygiene practices go beyond simply washing and sanitising your hands regularly.. Read on to learn about the common hygiene routines employers and employees should follow to keep the office clean at all times.


1. Ensure the regularity of carpet rug cleaning services


Carpet rugs serve as great decor for a subtle yet welcoming ambience. However, despite their aesthetic appeal, carpet rugs’ porous carpet fibres can trap dust and pollutants easily. To prevent excessive dust from accumulating, rug cleaning services should be carried out regularly. Here are some benefits of getting your office carpets cleaned.


  • Create good first impressions of your business


Carpets may be the first thing your clients notice when they enter your office. Clean carpets reflect a good work ethic, aligning with clients’ expectations of a hygienic environment. Therefore, engaging a rug cleaning service provider in Singapore is key to keeping your carpets clean.


  • Facilitate cleaner air circulation 


Professional office carpet cleaners have the expertise to penetrate through to the lowest portions of your carpet, removing large amounts of pollutants. Eliminating these irritants in your carpet helps to prevent their dispersion into the air, which may cause allergic reactions.


Learn more: Increase the longevity of your office carpet with these tips


2. Minimise clutter 


Keeping things organised in the office is another good hygiene practice. You may start the decluttering process with your own desk. Desks should always be clutter-free as they are the primary work stations for employees. This includes meeting deadlines, attending to clients’ requests and performing other tasks. Placing trash bins around high-traffic areas in the office is a great way for everyone to get rid of clutter easily.


3. Wipe down office surfaces regularly


This hygienic practice is as important as engaging carpet rug cleaning services. You may miss out on certain spots and surfaces that make for perfect breeding grounds for germs and bacteria. Therefore, the office surfaces listed below should be wiped down on a regular basis to stop the spread of germs:


  • Computer keyboards and mouse
  • Photocopy machines
  • Desktops
  • Doorknobs
  • Water coolers


High touch surfaces such as desks, shared tools and equipment should be cleaned at least once a day, and when they are visibly dirty. Meanwhile, regular disinfection can be carried out as a secondary step.


4. Install hand sanitisers 


As we learn to live with the pandemic, sanitising our hands regularly has become the norm. Installing hand sanitisers is the best way to encourage your employees to value cleanliness and adopt good hygiene practices. You may position them in areas that are readily available and easily accessible by everyone in the office. Here are some recommended spots:


  • In staff rooms and communal areas
  • In meeting rooms
  • At main entrances and exits
  • On or near staff desks



Hand sanitisers Hygienic Routines


5. Dispose of waste properly 


In order to prevent pest infestations, proper disposal of waste is necessary in the workplace. Setting up a garbage disposal system, which involves a cleaning routine by a professional company is an easy way to address this. In addition, bin-liners should be replaced often, while the inside of the bin must be cleaned to remove unpleasant odours.


Hygienic routines play a huge role in maintaining a clean and healthy workplace. The aforementioned practices should be enough to serve as a guide for enforcement of regular cleaning habits to ensure overall cleanliness of your office.

Clean Care provides professional solutions such as rug cleaning service in Singapore to prolong the lifespan of your upholstery. We strive to create a healthier environment for you, as well as build good branding for both your workers and customers. Call us now to find out more.

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