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Here’s How Often You Should Clean Just About Everything in Your Home

Date Written: 03 Jun 2020


Stay home, practise social distancing, and clean and disinfect your properties—these are some of the measures we take as we continue to fight against the threats of COVID-19. But, while you know how to properly clean your home, what you might be wondering about is just how often specific things should be cleaned. As a carpet and rug cleaning service company in Singapore, we’ve put together this house cleaning schedule so you don’t have to.


House Cleaning Schedule During COVID-19 


As a rule of thumb, if you want to keep everything clean, it’s essential that you perform specific cleaning tasks every day such as sweeping the floors, vacuuming the carpet, and wiping and sanitising surfaces—particularly the kitchen counters and sinks. The same rules apply when cleaning the high-touch areas in the household such as handles, knobs, remote controls, light switches, and bathroom fixtures. 


At least once a week, you should also change your bedding, scrub bathroom surfaces, dust furniture, clean your upholstery, defrost your fridge and throw away expired food. In this time of a pandemic, where there’s a threat from a virus, you can opt to do this more often to ensure the safety of your household. 


Then at least once a month, you should make time for deep cleaning, which should tackle tasks such as dusting and cleaning light fixtures, decluttering, and organising filing cabinets. As for tasks such as deep cleaning the carpets, area rugs, and sofa, you can do them once or twice a year but you can always leave them to the professionals. 


While studies have found that the COVID-19 virus can stay on some surfaces for up to two days, that didn’t include fabrics or other surfaces like carpets. Nevertheless, engaging sofa cleaning or rug cleaning services in Singapore is a good preventative measure to clean and sanitise your household.


When to Clean Just About Everything in Your Home 




  • Wash dirty dishes 
  • Wipe down tables and kitchen counters
  • Sweep floors and vacuum carpets 
  • Clean kitchen and bathroom sinks




  • Change bedding 
  • Scrub bathroom surfaces 
  • Dust furniture and wipe the upholstery 
  • Clean the fridge and toss expired food 
  • Clean kitchen appliances (microwave, coffee maker, etc.) 




  • Check for repairs and any damage 
  • Declutter 
  • Dust and clean light fixtures 
  • Clean other areas that are not frequently cleaned 




  • Schedule for carpet and rug cleaning 
  • Engage professional upholstery cleaning


The timing of these tasks are flexible in a way that they can be done earlier than scheduled, but hopefully not later! However, keep in mind that just because you should clean regularly doesn’t mean that you have to spend hours doing it. There are plenty of ways to cut your cleaning time in half


Whether there is a health crisis or not, these tips should help keep your home clean and organised most of the time. At Clean Care, our priority is to help you create a healthy living environment by providing the quality cleaning service you deserve. 


Book professional sofa cleaning and carpet & rug cleaning services with us today!

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